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Being desperate to see a match were a Pz team win I toodled along to Penlee Park today to watch

Penzance Rsserves v Newmoor Rovers

in Div 3 of the Jaipur Cornwall League. Pz played with 8 players and Newmoor 10. The girls, mostly youngsters, ran their hearts out for their teams with the game being played at a fast pace for most of the match. In the end half the girls were walking or trotting as with so few players they had a lot of ground to cover.

Pz scored in the 2nd minute and once again during the 2nd half to complete the scoring, so a 2-0 win to the Magpies. To me the Pz "man of the match" was a young lass (who is deaf) but played up and down the wing, kept cutting in, crossing, etc. Brilliant.

Newmoor were unlucky as they had plenty of chances to win but could finish it, or hit the post, or had the ball kick of the Pz goal line. Newmoor need 1 striker and they will do well in the league.

Crowd of 21 adults and a few tiddlers which compares well with Truro's "58" remembering this was a Div 3 game not a National League match.

So if you want to see some entertaining football played in a good spirit, and at times have a laugh at the players skills (they laugh at themselves as well) go along next Sunday and catch a ladies match, you'll be surprised.

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