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No ref again tonight

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Our secretary definitely rang the appropriate officer and there was no available ref - our 2nd teams game last week was also cancelled because there was no ref - the league they play in stipulates there must be a qualified ref.

We must look after the referees as they seem to be a threatened and endangered species - lets be nice to them, and keep a few more in position! We have all moaned about them but we are a bit lost without them too!

I understand from a ref I was speaking to on Sunday that with the new updated CRCB and Child Protection registrations there is a back log of paperwork and hopefully more refs will become available in due course.

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I am normally in support of anything that protects children but it does seem to be getting a little over the top with a requirement for all refs to have a CRB check.

1. No youngster under 16 can play in adult football.

2. Any club with under 18s should, if they're going to be Charter Standard (and we all should aim for that) have a CRB checked Child protection Officer.

3. Common sense suggests that there are a load of other people have much more opportunity to "get at" these 16 to 18 years olds than does the ref.. - Adult coaches, physios, managers, committee members, even teamates. Do any/all of those have to be CRB checked in an adult club?

So, in a well run club, the ref with access to the players as a supervised group for about 2 hours, is a threat. The others, who have access for possibly days at a time, over the whole season, are above suspicion?

Yet refs, who may elect only to ref adult matches, are obliged to be CRB checked.

Do we have this in proportion? I suppose the idea is that we have to start somewhere.

Probably these arguments have been aired extensively elsewhere.

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Guest tom@white tigers

thats really bad, least you can get away with a few bad tackles

just kidding

just shows the state of reffering these days they get so much abuse noone wants to be one

i saw in fourfourtwo mag this month Weymouth midfielder Marcus Browning is training to be a ref if more players did that it would be much better for the game becuase most players know the game inside out

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