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Combo Newquay Thread - debate on not fulfilling fixture 4th May 2013

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tom i love healthy banter and am sure you can fit in to most circles of it with aplomb and take no offence at you appointing a moniker
do you not think ive been subjected to worse from players ;-)

getting to the point needs digression to explore all possiblities including blind alleys to improve the next time

like you said last night , you need to up sometimes , write a bad one to improve from criticism

well football is consequential too , and you mess up on game day it goes down , preparation and predictions of possible permiatations to prevent possible predicaments

id like to see more prep at newquay with hearts and minds and dont think its about having enough bodies is about managing the bodies so they are scripted and efficient with time money and effort

of the many people i have met who havent played football but have insight you at 21 strike me as a very astute football mind and im sure it will forward your career to one day seeing you on soccer am or football focus, executing banter and a bit of round the houses to amuse hansen by which time hell be on a zimmer

sorry if i bored you 90 percent of the time its called hypergraphia and nueral streaming from a frontal lobe trauma

it aint pleasant for me at times dealing with the thought process but at least i know ive covered all potentials

back to football , penzance should need a kit man?

who did give me that title ? i was just the waterboy!!! :-⚽

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Cheers Tom,

But in all honest it's been fairly easy to settle in with the side, Glynn was key in bringing me in to Newquay, as had other offers but he sold the club very well, flacky has also been very good as well, the dressing room is full of potential and starting to develop a good team spirit, that coupled with the experience of the likes of Macca and Avery, the team are starting to play nice football (apart from last Tuesday against ludgvan), I seriously feel that with a good pre season that the reserves can kick on and fulfill their potential and challenge and the other end of the table.

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