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Wendron early favourites for the league next season.

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Players following a manager,these players that follow managers around are best off away from good,hard working clubs,a true tell of a good manager wouldn't mean he has to drag players from club to club,Jose mourinho "the chosen one"....my ass!! All the clubs he's been at have been minted,get him at an average prem club,say Fulham,give him 2/3 seasons with their budget and then see how good he is....same goes for local football,what happened to playing for the club,the badge,the pride of representing and possibly making yourself a bit of a club legend in your own right even at this standard,sad times.......

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I didn't mention dragging a whole squad of players I mentioned the chance of them bringing in a couple of players where Wendron need to strengthen up positions, Wendron have a very strong team and that was seen on Saturday when they lost to a flukey counter attacking goal to illogan Wendron looked very strong. If they could get say 3 players maximum then they will be a force to be recond with.

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