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Thanks to the Withy fans !

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I would just like to pass on our thanks to 30 or so Withy fans who struggled to get through the Bank Holiday traffic on the A30, your humour added to what was a great game. A special mention to those who left at 8.00am, changed train 3 times and took 4 hours to make the 80 odd mile trip.

We look forward to making a weekend on it, freezing our bits off in the Devon Countryside when we visit in January. B&Bs will be researched, any help in recommending cheap and cheerful 5* accomodation withing falling over distance from your clubhouse will be welcomed.

Once again, many thanks for today, hope you all got home safely.

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Had a really good day with the Newquay AFC loyal. Great banter & a cracking game of football. Look forward to welcoming you all to Edge Down Park in the new year.

Finally after 5 years got to meet The Judge :thumbsup::):thumbsup:

Gobby little sod in he!! :D

Now now Paul, some folk worship at the Temple of Judge, they appreciate the pearls of wisdom that drop from his dewy lips, it's the law in some enlightened parts !

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