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Impressive Officiating

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As much as we all at St Blazey were dissapointed at the result yesterday, I feel I must comment on the 4 Officials at yesterdays game.

I, like most, am the first to moan about a poor performance from a match official but would like to congratulate them yesterday on the superb way they went about their jobs, particulary the Devon based referee.

Probably the best I have seen yet, lets hope that this sets the precedent for the forthcoming season as im sure we will be seeing more officials from the Devon FA in the new Peninsula league.

Well done! :clapper:

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And you were not even there. The Dartmouth player was sent flying as he raced through, the shot went in, but because of the severity of the tackle and no advantage gained I don't see the problem. The ref was spot on.

To be fair Dartmouth were light years ahead of St Blazey on football skills, once they gave up the final high ball to the little number 10 Chris Hooper who was up against two big six footers it was no contest. And those two goals from Harrity and Bowker would have graced any game. But credit to St Blazey they stuck at it.

To be fair to St Blazey they have virtually a new team and will need time to get to know each other. I don't think there will be any trophy's this season for them but who knows

It was a good competitive match with both sides going all out for goals. A good start I think for the new season.

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At the time of the incident Dave yes we were a little aggrieved at the decision and maybe on another day with a different official it would go the other way. But I can see this situation happening often this season and I can only hope that some form of consistency can be applied...but that may be hard as I stated previously that on another day with a different official it comes down to the individuals discretion.

The bitter pill was that this was a Final with a trophy at stake so its a tough one to take but these things even themselves out over a season (hopefully!)

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Sorry ECLP but I was very much there! Not sure what made you think I would miss the very first match of the new South West Peninsula League set-up. Or is it because of you guys from over the Tamar thinking I am grossly against the concept.

However, I am glad to see that someone who was actually involved felt the same as me (as taken from the thisiscornwall website) :"ST BLAZEY manager Dave Philp was convinced the turning point of the Peninsula Charity Bowl was Dartmouth's second goal but had no complaints about Robbie Bowker's stunning 88th minute winner in a five-goal thriller at Saltash.

Philp said: "The game went against us when the referee pulled the game back after allowing Dartmouth the advantage.

"It was not our fault that their player shot wide and wasted that advantage but for reason's only known to him, the referee awarded them the free-kick from which they scored.

"Overall I was relatively pleased with our performance and work rate but you don't always get what you deserve in football."

For the sake of ECLP, to avoid him getting it wrong, all being well, I shall be at the very first league game tomorrow night between Cullompton and Witheridge - I know, two Devon sides, but sometimes these things just have to be endured to be in the know! :wacko:

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You were indeed at the match Dave, down at the Plymouth end, I think you were with Ken Reed. As I said before I felt the referee made the right decision. The player who was fouled went flying through the air, the ball ran loose and someone shot and the goalkeeper saved it. The referee decided that no advantage had been gained so awarded in my view correctly - the free kick.

To be fair Dartmouth played some cracking football and were unlucky not to win by a bigger margin. St Blazey did as well as they could with numerous new players in the team. The nitty gritty business is Saturday and I am sure there will be some strange scores. But at least the competition got off to a good start at Saltash, lets hope it is a good season for all.

Enjoy your trip to Devon tomorrow.

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Yep, you obviously did enough on Saturday to get all three points, but my comment related to the season ahead : "that St Blazey need to work on things if they are to feature in the title race this season."

I sincerely hope I am wrong, won't be the first time, but let's see how things are by say October!

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