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Culdrose and proper cornish sunshine!!

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Culdrose 2nds 1v6 St Blazey 2nds :D

Culdrose 1sts 0v7 St Blazey 1sts :D

Left at 2pm today and made it to see the 2nd half of the 2nd team play. Sadly they were 6-0 up at half time!! The drizzle set in, then the rain, then heavy rain, then heavier rain, then fog then we gave up and found the bar!! :drink: Couldnt have been anywhere worse in that weather!! Went home like a drowned rat!!

There seems to be a good team spirit in the camp. Friendlys like these against lesser sides have proved hard work in the past but today everyone wanted it. Looks good for the season ahead.

Rumours are that a few players who left at the end of last season may want to come back when they dont get a regular starting spot at a club not to far away!! To be honest, if they dont come back soon, i dont think theyll get back in the new side and rightly so. The new lads are giving it their all. Gone have the old, let the new show what they can do!!

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Paul, your inbox is full and I need that Newquay v Blazey DVD asap please mate, email me at newquayafc@gmail.com. Of course you could youtube the highlights that I'm after !!!

Paul PM said

Ill see what i can do for you. Ill have a look at it tonight. Hows things at Newquay? Im quite looking forward to this season. Ok, weve had some quality players and won alot of trophys but it seem slike team spirit is as good as ever. No jumped up gits!! I dont expect to see us win much but i dont think well be as bad as some think. Cheers.


[b]You have got a good bunch from us, just a shame we didn't get to see them all on the same pitch at the same time.... that was the prob, too many players in and out for whatever reasons. Not sure Scotty will be happy as reserve keeper though !

Ashley Bradshaw is quality and Ollie Deadman can be if Philpy lets him play his natural game rather than right back. However, we have Lee Rickard and Dan Nancarrow + a cracking lad by the name of Liam Dingle, the boy Cox is looking sharp and Leon Holland should be fit by Aug 18th. Some of the old timers will make up the numbers but I expect once we start performing one or two may come 'home' to Mount Wise.

Thanks for sorting the DVD, look forward to seeing one of the few highlights of recent seasons.


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Guest Scooter

Thanks for the vote of confidence judge! even if i am on the bench i will stay and fight for my place!!!!!! funny how people are your best friends when you play for a club but when you leave they will be the 1st too get on your back...

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Guest Dermot

Keep your chin up Scott,your still one of the brightest prospects in Cornish football,and not a bad striker when not in goal. ;0) :thumbsup:

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