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just checking st agnes arent playing any unregistered or incorrectly registered players this season

after seeing my old pal DARREN MARSH pictured in the west briton last week!!!

gets his picture in the paper and they spell his name wrong!!!

poor bugger!!!

could be worse though my mate SIMON BEEL got married a while back and in the briton they had a lovely pic of him and his new wife, only to have his name down as SIMON PEEL!!!!

good old west briton!!!!!

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Its been discussed with my lawyers, and we were threatening to go to Press complaints, but due to the fact of me having my hands out in front of me, looking generally scared, we decided to settle out of court for nothing!

What they failed to mention, was, infact, I didn't even have posession of the ball, and there was another player surrounding me as well, total hospital ball by my mate on the left wing!

Add that, to last seasons picture, claiming Dominic Pullen giving me a right hook, when it was someone else, I call it lazy journalism!

not quite as bad as when I made a decent break in a county snooker match, and they put my old mans name in instead!!

cheers for that Mike!

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