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Here we go again - match off 05/12/09

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Calstock had booked the week off at the start of the season as they were unavailable due to a wedding, my mistake we are away to st Dennis so there is a chance that bad weather could see that one cancelled. League cup game was due to be 19th but will probably more than likely be rescheduled.

Blessing in disguise today as of the 72 goals we have scored this season 4 players who have notched 39 between were unavailable for today's match.

If the FA allow it we are happy to arrange the game for the 19th rather than next week

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hasnt that game been off since the middle of the week? only we are playing St Buryans 2nds today and we was told their 1sts didnt have a game on Wednedsday.

Origanally both teams were without a game due to Junior Cup replay's for our opponents, but George Osborne rescheduled this game as it wasn't played on 10th Oct. Although, there was little chance of getting a ref due to the senior cup this weekend.

Anyway as it happens the pitch aint up to it again. :(

Cant stand another sat without football, so will be out watching someone, or i'll be stitched up with putting the christmas tree up! :Santa:

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