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Newquay v Vospers Oak Villa

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Sat 28th Nov 2009 - 3.00pm - Mount Wise Stadium

South West Peninsula League Div 1 West.

Newquay 0 v 1 Vospers Oak Villa (Match Abandoned 48mins)

Admission £3 adults, free for the youngster

Hot Choc 60p - very good

Programme free of charge - very good.

Att 83 (H/C)

Referee Stephen Paul had no choice but to abandon this game after 48mins with Vospers Oak Villa leading 1-0. The pitch seemed to hold up well after the first 45mins, but the half time break saw monsoon conditions descend over the North Cornish Coast.

The two sides did come out for the second half but after a player almost slid 5 yards into the wall by the covered stand, Mr Paul had no choice but to bring the game to a halt. The result will not count but no one seemed sure if refunds should be made or not. In the end, most of the 80 or so headed off to the clubhouse, where I overheard someone say that when the game is replayed perhaps admission would be half price or even free.

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Guest Peppermint

Thanks for the kind comments Nemesis - sorry I did not get to meet you.

We all have a pop at match officials from time to time but stand up Steve Paul he got it completely correct yesterday.

When the game started the pitch was in good condition but the monsoon like rain that was driving down all afternoon got the better of everything by half time - Mr Paul played on for five minutes but in the interest of player safety and the ball would not roll he, in my humble opinion, abandoned the match and he was correct.

Now people will probably comment that Newquay were one down so we would be happy but Newquay could have scored 3 or 4 goals in the second half! I will say that Vospers Oak Villa adapted to the conditions better than the Peppermints so no argument from me that they shaded the first half although how the ball did not go in the gaolmouth scramble I don't know.

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I feel that i need to write something on the comments so far as i was playing in the game yesterday and was in fact the player who scored the goal for Vospers. I have to admit i was shocked the ref did call the game off. HE said a number of times to me during the first half that he would only stop the game if the ball stopped rolling.

At no time (especially not during the first 5 minutes) during the second half did the ball STOP rolling. I admit our player did slide for quite a while after a tackle but that certainly did not warrent the game being called off. We played in far worse conditions last week, and played the hwole 90 minutes.

I feel that both teams were playing well and also took the conditions into context and no bad tackles were flying in, which would have been an easy option in the rain.

Newquay players seemed shocked and too be honest i can only see the ref calling the game off as a cop out!!! The game was running smoothley and all players involved were playing in in the spirit the game is meant to be played in.

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Refereeing the rest of the game in the rain...... It was clear from the start that he didnt want to be out in the rain, and both sides agreed with that...... to be fair if he was keen to ref the whole 90 minutes he would have, or he would have least ref'd for more than 5 minutes of the second half!!!!

As players we want to play the game we love and newquay have great support on a day with rain like it was yesterday, they had a great following, and they wouldnt have been there from kick off in the rain if they didnt want to see the game!!!!

Dont get me wrong if it became dangerous or if the ball was stopping in puddles at every pass or shot, then i would be the first person to agree with stopping the game, but i said previous, not once did the ball stop dead, or did the pitch/players make the game dangerous, funniest thing was, after our rant and moan in the changing room i stepped outside to have another look at the pitch, the rain had stopped and the sun was setting!!!! Shocking choice to stop the game!!!!!

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Guest Peppermint

Well done for scoring the goal Harris but I am afraid that I totally disagree with your comments about the abandonment of the match.

Mr Paul had no choice - the conditions became farcical and he had no alternative - we all have a go at referees from time to time but we should also praise when praise is due.

I am sure Harris will point to the fact that they were leading 1-0 and the visitors certainly adapted to the conditions the better and it did not suit Newquay's short passing game. However with almost a second half to go anything could have happened and I think Vospers were leading AFC St Austell by a goal but crashed by 5-1.

Another point on the day almost every game started in the CSWPL was abandoned at verious points and even Home Park saw an abandonment much to the relief of Argyle fans.

I am sure our manager would have changed things around if we continued to be losing and I know Dave Deacon called Mr Paul inconsistent but I have seen him officiating three times this season and he has done well in my humble opinion!

The pitch at the start was in its usual great condition but the heavy monsoon like downpour especailly at half time and when the second half started was the last straw and Mr Paul was correct and Dave Deacon being a neutral spectator did make the same comment.

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Hello Peppermint,

Thanks for the compliment about the goal, however im sorry but im going to disagree again about the calling the game off part.

It is true that possibly the game may of had to be called off later in the match however i feel that Mr Paul only allowing both teams to play 5 minutes of the second half did not allow enough time to see what the weather may have turned out like. As i stated earlier i feel that it was way to early to have stopped the game and i feel that my views are backed up by the fact that the rain stopped for at least 20 minutes maybe more and the sun was indeed setting which would have been more than enough time to see the game into late in the 2nd half.

I would like to say also that yes we were winning last week upto half time and the weather was worse and we lost 5-1 but we as a team were happy to play on and at no time did we wish the ref had called the game to stop during St Austell's drubbing of us, and it was a drubbing!!!!!

The same goes for Saterday. We would have been willing to play the game even if we were losing at half time, or if we were losing at some point in the game. I guess im just annoyed as i feel along with many others that the ref did not give the time required.

THanks to NEwqauy for warm welcome though, and great work by the grounds man, the pitch looked the best it has been in years?? Even in the rain!!

I look forward to the re-match on a Friday night i believe??

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Guest Peppermint

Hi Harris or should I say Andy to be less formal - decisions in football are always going to have people with differing decisions and that is why we all like this Forum.

One point is that it would have been worse if the referee went to nine minutes to go as at the Godolphin/Porthleven match and that has caused real problems.

Thanks very much for the compliments re the ground and club etc. - I look forward to seeing the replay and a Friday night would mean a much bigger crowd I am sure - I thought your team looked to have some good players and a much improved squad from last season. I am sure it will be a good game whenever it is played. I look forward to meeting you then.

Good luck for the rest of the season [except when you play the Peppermints of course]

regards Graham Drew

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Hello Graham,

I agree its always good to see points of view. I havve only been at the club for 5 games, as i was at Wadebridge for years including the mighty Division 1 champions season, as a Plymouth lad i felt it was time i played for a team close to home and Vospers fitted exactly into my plans. We have some great players. It is a very good club that has certainly picked up from last season....

I hope it is on a Friday night and i hope that there is big crowd to watch which i feel will be a crackong game!!!



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All decisions are easy until you're the one who has to make them and take the consequences.

The first action of the referee is to ensure the safety of the players, if he'd played on and someone had got injured as a consequence, I'm sure this post would have taken on an entirely different slant.

Ask yourself the question..."Do you think the referee wanted to call the game off?" Remember, he had made just as much effort to be there that afternoon as well.

No one expected the amount of rain we had after all, the forecast I saw suggested that there would only be showers during the afternoon.

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Harris, your just gutted cuz now your goal gets chalked off from the record books! haha, i know you too well! I bet if anyone else had scored the goal, you would have been the first in the changing rooms after the refs abandonment whistle!

'Once a goalscorer, always a goalscorer!' :D

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Hello Chanz,

Long time no see, Damn seems that you have caught me out on this one!!!! NO, realy all joking aside I am gutted the game was stopped but not because i scored but becuse there really wasnt any reason to do so, you know your self that im the first person to admit if something is right or wrong im just annoyed as we only played 5 minutes of the second half and then when we went in the rain stopped and the sun was trying to some out!!!!!

Anyway we will just have to it all over again.

Tommy Matthews: I must admit that i can see your point of view but the pitch was not dangeorus to others, as i have said the players were playing the game it is meant to be played, no stupid tackles (which would have been easy to do on a wet pitch) and the i repeat the ball did not stop moving, ie stop in puddles. I just feel that had the game gone on longer it would have been fine, plus, are we going to stop a game of football everytime there is rain? In that case we may as well play on 3G pitches for the rest of our life as we live in England and the weather is only going to get worse!!!!!

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Harris, whilst you have my sympathy after having your goal chalked off the records, it was clear that the pitch was becoming very dangerous by modern standards. The Health & Safety world we live in require just about everyone to make playing and watching sport as safe as possible for all concerned.

You are probably not old enough to recall top flight games in the 70's at The Baseball Ground, Old Trafford and Upton Park which were infamous for having more mud than grass during winter. Matches were regularly played in mudbaths and very few were called off. Thankfully, ground technology has come a long way and fewer games are now a lottery rather than the beautiful game that the Premier League 'Entertainment' business require.

These days, the sue or be sued culture has taken over, if your player had slid into the wall and damaged himself in some way, there would be someone out there willing to sue the officials for allowing play to continue. Whilst you and others may not like it, the Insurance cover that most clubs at Step 7 have, will only pay £50 a week for injuries that prevent you from working.

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