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Training equipment stolen

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We at Storm had our storage unit broken into on Thursday Night and training equipment and match balls stolen.

Whoever did it also tried to steal our line marker and lawn mower but abandoned these in a neighbouring field.

The training equipment consisted of an extra large navy blue Umbro bag full of cones, bibs, balls + pumps and coaching notes and plays (which were mine personally) and there were five scoprpion ultima match balls stolen which were bright yellow in colour.

I would like to ask all clubs to please keep an eye out for these items as people will be trying to sell them or give them to a football club as they are useless to anyone else. the police have been informed and are investigating, as all clubs will know it is hard enough keeping your club going without these setbacks and these kind of incidents are a disease that needs stamping out by us as a collective, anyone with any information can PM me in confidence or contact Devon and Cornwall police directly.

Thank you

Matt Osborn

Storm FC

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Unfortunately Matt, this is the world we live in, at Carharrack we have in the past been broken into and the only way you can really prevent it is for the club to spend money on securing your premises. They always seem to break into the most vulnerable buildings, those out the way with little security. The thing is you never catch them in the act. One thing is for sure they are not footballers! Scum

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I have 5 of these for sale if anyone is interested fly_thumb.gif

and they come with a free bag just PM me :Dumbro-team-holdall-team-tp_44324948.png

Ok before anyone gets of their high horse and has a pop I know matt and the Storm boys very well and I know they will all see the funny side to this

On a serious note though it is a shame that the mindless idiots have to go and do such things but as Richard has already stated this is unfortunately the world we live in nowadays

I just hope whoever did it is caught but I will not hold much hope on that front (Another part of the world we live in)

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Just say it happens everywhere just like what happen at troon. Us cury players had money stolen from changing rooms. The riffled though everyones clothes and stole a small amount of money. While we were playing the game. Sorry hear about that incident Storm FC but it seem to be a regular thing in camborne and surrouding area!!

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