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i was just wondering as some people may know portreath and redruth utd share the senior pitch at clijah . this saturday redruth are at home to mawnan in the junior cup and portreath are at home to st.agnes in the combo league . obviously both games cant be played normally i would of thought senior football would take precedence but the junior cup is a county cup . anyone know the answer?

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Hi Sammo 66 there is another pitch available at Clijah this weekend. The combo pitch must have a barrier of some kind around it and that’s the only one up there. Junior cup can be played on any pitch. I know that Redruth have been very good in the past moving pitches to accommodate Portreath. I guess the two teams would have to talk to the leagues to see what can be done. All the bottom pitches are better than that one but both clubs pay extra for the top pitch so they are both entitled to it. Good luck in sorting it out see you soon.

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