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Over Inflated Ego!!!!!!!!!!!


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out of interest CoachKT, do you go to Anfield often? or spend anytime on Liverpool Forums?? aware of the American shit that we have behind the scenes?

I'm not trying to undermine you or anything, just curious cos I would then have a debate on the rights and wrongs of the club in its current format.

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In answer to St Darren, I manage Bere Alston United in the ECPL so don't get to Anfield anywhere near as much as I used to, but I think the Americans should never have been allowed anywhere near the club and if the Arabs / Kuwaitees don't come in and take over soon I fear another 'Leeds United' could be on the cards.

As for slating Rafa, his treatment of Robbie Keane and Xabi Alonso and then letting Alonso go to Real Madrid speaks for itself.

The man is very very stubborn and you speak out against him at your peril as Alonso, Keane and Crouch found out and Mascherano is finding out now.

Dossena. Kyriakos, Lucas, Riera, Voronin....fit to wear a Liverpool shirt???...It ain't rocket science....unless you're Rafa....and Ryan Babel...one of the hottest young strikers in Europe when Holland won the U21 Championships....Rafa only ever seems to play him out wide or from the bench and has totally ruined the lad.

If they don't beat Lyon tomorrow and lose at home to Manure at the weekend Rafa may be getting the sack for Christmas...and it won't be full of presents!!

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I understand where you're coming from.

The Alonso thing stemmed from the pre-season before in his hunt for Barry. However, Alonso wanted to go so therefore you cna't do anything to stop that.

The players you mentioned, only Riera for me has anything about him. However, Rafa is dictated to on the transfer fund front on how much he's allowed to spend on a player, I'll make my mind up on him after I've seen this Aquilani play, to see if he makes a difference.

The sooner the Americans get out the better

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Why did Alonso wish to go to Madrid? Because Rafa tried to push him out last season, therefore his fault Liverpools best player was allowed to leave.

Just heard that Alan Hansen has had his say, stating that Rafa has not been at all succesful in the smaller transfer market, the 3-10 million bracket. Seems like a very good point.

Who would you Liverpool fans say has been a succesful buy for the club under Rafa? From an outsider looking in i can say Reina and Torres. No others stand out.

Not stirring by the way but it does baffle me the support the bloke gets on the end of a season that you won a European cup. A season that saw you finish 5th, behind Everton, and lose 14 games. Has he really done any better, long term, than Houllier?

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As one Liverpool supporter to another, St. Darren, why does it always have to be the American shit? Why can't we just agree that the ownership is shitty, and leave it at that? :smiley20:

I don't blame Rafa for Alonso at all, but the fact is that it's damned hard to replace a guy like that. I won't be carrying a banner that says "Rafa Out" anytime soon, but I am beginning to get impatient. He does seem to be spinning excuses more than tactics these days. And beachball or not, even with G&T out Liverpool ought to beat Sunderland -- that is, if LFC are to be contenders. At this rate, the team will have to scramble to make Europe.

And if the ownership does collapse, given Rafa's relatively poor showing in the small to mid-size transfer market, I'm not sure he's the one to right the ship.

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