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NEW 2009/2010 Indoor 5 a-side League - Teams wanted

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Taylors Tyres Indoor 5-a-side League 2009/2010

TEAMS WANTED - Kick off October 2009

Dear all,

I would like to invite teams to play in what is probably the best Indoor 5-a-side league in Mid Cornwall. With years gone by, and the likes of Justin Harrington, Mark Rapsey, Chris Morris, Dale Band and even Mathew Etheringtons Father Peter having played, this 5 a-side competition has been recognised as one of the best Indoor competitions around.

There are on average 30 games over the season, With both Tuesday evening and Thursday evening Leagues together with Several Cup competitions, Golden boot awards, and everything you need for your weekly 5 a-side game, Including match balls and FA qualified referees. This competition is excellent for fitness, ball control or even team training.

Evenings consist of TWO games which are 12 Minutes long with each half at 6 Minutes. Played with 5 players on each team, one goalkeeper and 4 outfield players, a high tempo, fast and intricate level of football makes for a hugely competitive and entertaining competition.

Its almost like Masters Indoor 5-a-side Football yet with a fantastic mix of youth and experienced players.


Due to kick off October 2009.

The League and Cup competitions are affiliated which means that you can still play affiliated 11 a side football on Saturdays.

7 players can play in any game as long as they are in your list of 12 players named on your registration form.

Taylors Tyres Indoor 5-a-side league is held at Carn Brea Leisure Centre, which naturally has good access to the A30 for anyone travelling from further afield.

There is a small price to pay, and all funds go back into the league which pay for the use of excellent facilities at the Leisure Centre, Including Changing facilities, Showers and Bar with viewing enclosure for spectators. Also Cornwall County FA Insurance cover, Match balls and Qualified referees.

This is a Professional set up where quality football is played.

The costs involved are as follows

League entry upfront payment of £160 + £14 affiliation fee

Breaking down to just £5 per game (£1 per player)

There are now blue card and sin bin punishments which do not affect your yellow card count for 11 a side discipline procedures.

The only thing that will count against you is a straight red card which carries a 35 day ban. Other red card offences that carry less than 35 days are dealth with by the ccfa in house.

Contact via myself on Cornish Soccer Forum or Graham - on graham.theresa@sky.com

Please make contact if you wish to enter a team as soon as possible as Leagues and Cup competitions need to be planned as early as possible.


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TMS 9... having played last season for Redruth School Staff and with our entry form on the way for this season's Thursday League I can tell you it is well worth the money... If you split the cost between a squad of 8/9 it is only about £20 each for the season... not bad considering you get about 28 league games as well as trophies & more games if you qualify for finals night. :thumbsup:

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not sure why there is a negative responce to this post! At the end of the day its about enjoyment and also an extra way of getting in an extra bit of training! i know the league has had less teams in the last couple of seasons however over the years its been excellent! i played in the league at Carn Brea for just under 20 yrs and had some fab times up there with some quality players so its good that this post has gone out to get teams interested again in joining!

also its a FA affiliated league with the FA referees, i am not sure but think i am right in saying that the FA are taking a view this year that other 6 a side and 5 a side leagues running this year that are not FA affiliated could see any players playing in them risking getting a ban from playing on saturdays? not sure how this is being policed by them but i am sure that is what could happen from what was said at the end of the last 5 a side season at Carn Brea.

so the league at Carn Brea would be a safer bet and its a good facilty and a great bit of enjoyment, as for the cost, well come on lads, a quid each every time u have an evening of footy isnt a hardship is it?! you get some crackin trophies at the end of the season as well and also with the cup competitions they run alongside the league, so lets hope this post doesnt get slated by anyone else as we are all on here for our enjoyment of football and obviously trying to get us players involved in the game we enjoy!

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I played for over 30 years in the Carn Brea 5 a side league and had some really good times. I can recommend it to anyone who enjoys football in its purest form

Yes you will always get some numpty who just wants to kick people - but then you will get that wherever you play.

If you really enjoy the pass and move game there is nothing better - and I have played in the soccer six's

its expensive - not when you take into consideration the whole package - and its less expensive than any of the other alternatives

Plus you get showers and its indoors so you and your kit doesnt get wet.

So get yourself a team and get in there

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Just really to echo the comments above.. I played at Carn Brea for several few years and can only agree with what has already been said above. It does work out to be inexpensive, when u also consider that fees cover official CCFA referees.

i personally think given full support, the league is great - especially for lads (younger or older), that may want to form a team but play at varying standards and don't get that chance on a Saturday. Also, work colleagues may want to form a side - and who knows support may be given from your employer if they get some form of advertising from it.

Quite often I have played an hours 5 a side with mates, but find that playing competitve 5 a side is a real workout (I believe still 12 minutes per match), so from a fitness perspective, if thats what you want, it can really help.

I would recommend it to anyone. But would advise if anyone has any interest to ask Sean further details.

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