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Hi Shifty

Great work last season even though it all got a bit confusing at the end. I've just set up the new Holmans website and will be trying to do the same thing so hopefully between the two of us we should nail it...im doing the comb one as well and its not making pretty reading as we are bottom!!!!

FHFL 1 League table http://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/holmanafc/114...league_table.pl

JCCL League table http://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/holmanafc/113...league_table.pl

Holman AFC main website http://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/holmanafc/

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Hopefully between a few of us we can keep things accurate and up to date - particularly at the beginning and end of the season with all the evening games scattered about.

Tell me about confusing - it particularly affected us at Albion. My table said we were safe but other tables had us relegated. Knew my table was right due to all the results given by people from every club.

If anyone does spot any errors let us know.

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