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G line up was ;


S.Flannigan, S.Eglington, Olly, A.Hawken

M.Rose, K.Brown, A.Martin, J.Harris

P.Lowry, L.Paxton

subs. J.Gosling, S.Wheildon, D. O'Callaghan, T.Peacock

Goal scorers were P. Lowry 2, L.Paxton , S.Wheildon , J. Harris , all subs were used

great result for everyone involved at the G especially against a very good Falmouth side. lets hope we can play like this consistently over the season!

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Guest Gears of War

Thought fal were shocking! watched them 3 times now not a footballing side at all and a lot of charlies in the team, from wat i can see they will be mid taple at best :P Gudolphin look a top outfit :c:

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Dont quite know what Town were ever going to achieve from this pre season game, looked really ragged and un-fit and very dis-organised. Goldophin will be a threat in the SWPL west as they looked very fit and quick and up for it a lot more. The Town first team line up would of probaly faired a bit better but to be honest you need quality in depth if you want to win things and in my opinion i cant see Yown lighting up the league this year. DeJaVu me thinks.

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Excuses excuses excuses............. just want to say town need to get robin teagle in at left back. Tom Smith fit, and sean flynn back firing them up.

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