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friendlys tonight

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wessex v saltash 2nds GAME OFF. groundsman made it, NOT HAPPY

Can somebody tell me what has Wessex Rangers and Saltash 2nd team got to do with the Carlsberg South West Peninsula League Forum.

Don't tell me let me guess - Nothing, am I right?

I think you'll find they were answering the question about if there was any games in the plymouth area tonight. :D

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Hi Anita.

So if thats the case why didn't "Local Football Supporter" ask the same question on the ECPL Forum. Sorry but lets keep items for the leagues on their own forum Page and not fix and match. I know if I want to know something about ECPL I will go to their Forum page and visa verse with other leagues.

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Thanks for your very swift reply, I think I have said enough for tonight. I have made my point.

Don't you always :P:drink: I know it gets annoying when people do use the 'wrong' sub-forum but its just as bad when they post the same thing on every sub-forum, or that might just annoy me because i read nearly everything put on here :lol: :smiley20:

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