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Think it depends on the situation and the ambition of the club, having been both a 1st and a 2nd team manager you need to encourage progression as much as possible, however it can end up being detrimental to the reserves.

There is also the issue of developing team spirit and mentality and then losing it with an influx/exodus of players.

The one thing I hate is players refusing to play for a side in a time of need, if a player doesn't want to play for the 1sts regularly fair enough but in a time of need you play for the club not the side!

There is a balance between the 2 which can work well with players happy to play for both sides because of a good club spirit not just side.

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As manager of Bere Alston United 2nd's, the moving of players between teams is not as simple as people think.

With regards to our club every player signs on for the 2nd team (Duchy League) with only select players signing on for the 1st team.

During the season any first team player can make appearances for the 2nd team if thay have made less than 5 games for the 1st's. After this for any player from the 1st team to play for the 2nd team they must re-register to play Duchy League football which takes up to a week (thus stopping players playing if a game is cancelled prior to kick off etc). This re-registering system can also only be carried out for each player twice a season.

Overall this generally restricts how many players move down from the 1st team unless in extreme circumstances (returning from injury, poor performances etc). With regards to players from the 2nds moving up to the 1st team there are no limitations on this, just that they have to be signed on to play.

Hope this clears things up, although in key games teams could use their re-registration to boulster their squad which can seem unfair sometimes. Id like to think this will not happen very often as a football club with us as it can cause disruption for 2nd team regular players.


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