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Community Shield Man Utd V Chelsea

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I have 2 Tickets for this years Community Shield game at The New Wembley Sunday 9th August 2009 3.00pm ko.

Entrance Club Wembley

Block 203

Row 3

Seat 46 / 47

These tickets also entitle you to have a free match day programme.

The only stipulation on these tickets is you are not allowed to wear any club shirts.

So if you fancy going to watch this game please post a reply with the price you are willing to pay for these tickets.

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The tickets on offer are in the "debenture" area, so someone has paid megabucks to get tickets for all/most games at Wembley. They are silver or bronze status for those who ever looked at buying such a thing (as I did). If I had still been living in London I may well have bought 1 or 2.

CB, if you are a STH or member you could have had your tickets weeks ago. If you want any tickets for CFC let me know.

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number9, thanks mate hope i will see you there;


yes i am a member of cfc and travel quite a bit to see them but did not get tickets via cfc as was not sure if i could have had day of work until couple of days ago so i did not want to buy tickets then have to sell them again, but now i have cover in work so could go

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