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Whats your thoughts on FHFL 2 this season?

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Last season FHFL 2 was undoubtedly the tightest division in Junior football. With the summer break coming to an end and as clubs start their pre season fixtures. What do clubs think of there chances?

The division sees some very talented players being introduced, with St Day strengthening their first team it has meant that players are dropping down into the reserves side with puts them in an excellent position. But will they fall foul of the reinstatement ruling like Perranporth last season who could only reinstate two players at a time.

Talking of Perranporth Res, they have now got a fantastic and experienced goalkeeper by the name of John Mitchell and the side will be bolstered by the fact that their club will want them in FHFL 1.

Stithians who were relegated last season has seen a new manager come in with some excellent players such as the combative striker Jake Harvey, who if I was a betting man will be the golden boot winner. Also if Pete Brewer if fit will add another 20 goals.

Mawnan Res, well they are always going to be in the top 3 but due to the first team not being able to progress into senior football it looks like they will end up being stuck in the same division next season, always a tough game but not unbeatable.

My own team Carharrack, we have only played one friendly but as a few of the Illogan boys who were watching said it looks like we have a strong squad. Matt Mitchell is back where he belongs after Spice folded. We now have the services of the excellent playmaker Matt Sara from Portreath. Young Ashley Smith aged 16, looks very promising and will be sure to cut up the wing. Ryan Curnow joins us from Four Lanes. Richy Ward has signed for us and looks to cause a lot of trouble for the opposition back four. I think we still need that one impact man to make us true contenders for the league and if my sources are correct his on his way but I will not say anything until he signs.

I haven't really heard much about other teams at the moment but as last season proves, those that got promoted from FHFL 3 went straight up in FHFL 1. Penryn and Mullion sounds like they have young sides and will be a handfall.

So if your from a FHFL 2 side, give us your take on how you see this season panning out.


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Is Richy Ward going to be available every week? isnt he on a course in the Navy until March??Also heard he is playing for Troon today and i hear he might still sign for constantine!!!!

1st Perranporth

2nd Mawnan

3rd Stithians

other than Matt Saunders, Jakey and Pete brewer, who have stithins signed?? are many of the old team still there??

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