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With the football season nearly finished, the usual chopping and changing in about to begin.

No doubt there will be clubs offering silly sums of money and others just struggling to put a team on the field.

I have often read the comment that players want to move clubs, as they are sick of winning nothing,

interesting comment really. Who are they blaming for winning nothing? Could be the Managers fault, their fellow players or the club? Might they not have failed to deliver?

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

most are going to end up at St Day, they're paying money in the combo this year!!


As did Perranporth last season and likely to have to the biggest budget in the SWPL 1 West as well.

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the combo standard has dropped magnificently in the past years...and this is down to the outrageous mounts of money teams are paying. Theres more money being spent in the combonation league than some of the clubs in the SWPL..its so bad!!!

Players should be proud to wear the shirt not just look forward to the envolope at the end of the game..if ur only interested in the money side of football you should be beaten up!!

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