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percy semi final

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Mawnan 2 Rangers 1

The Falmouth Helston Champions were forced to work hard for this win. Having gone in 1 down at the break and having escaped what looked a sure fire penalty being awarded against them. After a defender decided to go for a challenge with his hands above his head. Got away with the old protecting my face ref.

Second half saw Mawnan take the game to Rangers and really they took control as Rangers started to run out of steam. Eventually the pressure telled and the Div 2 side conceded to soft goals from throw in's. Rangers still not done on three occasions caught them on the break but failed to make the most of their chances.

In the end it was well played Mawnan and they must admit they escaped a real banana skin tonight.

Well played and good luck in the Final lads. :thumbsup:

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Just to confirm the ball was hit at my hand from approx 5cms therefore ball to hand , not deliberate use of the hand therefore no penalty. Shock you failed to mention the challenge in the 2nd half from the left back where no contact was made with the ball and we didnt get the pen for that.

Well played 1st half the long ball had us in trouble a few times and we certainly were not at the races but 2nd half was one way and we played a lot better.

Some good players there and again well done

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Gillo I tell you what if that ball only had to travel 5cm you did well to get your hands up that high that fast, or was it that you came in with your hands high.

Yes your right I didn't mention the Pen you might/should have had in the second half, fair point. As I didn't mention the push in the first 5 minutes that could well have seen Red produced on another day.

You did certainly boss the second half and well deserved the win in the end. You have to admit you were made to sweat. I think saying are long ball game may have caused you some trouble is fair. We did however score from a corner and had one cleared of the line prior to that. A second goal for us in the first half would have made it a much bigger mountain for you to climb.

The Rangers lads played their hearts out and ran you very very close, more than a lot of other sides have done this year.

Well played and best of luck in the Final. :clapper:

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stop whining gillo10, thats all you ever do.

Should you not be more worried about relegation!!?

BB aplogies if I came across as Bungle suggested, I certainly didnt mean to. Perhaps 5cm is a touch exaggerated but it was very close and NOT deliberate use of the hand therefore definetly NO pen.

Why would a push be red card? It was a push in the back, yes. Made to look a lot worse as the fella slipped on the concrete. Yellow at worst!

You boys certainly had us worried, and your right about the set pieces. We were lucky to only concede one!!

As I said to the boys up top that was one of the toughest games I have played in this season. Well played to Port!

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gillo no apologies needed. Like all games there are two sides and two views to it all. Rangers lads believe it or not were anything but down after the game. We gave it are all and came up just short but take a great deal of pride in the way we contested the game. Just ran out of steam with too many players being unavailable it cost us dear.

Cheers now....................... :thumbsup:

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