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wadebridge town

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after reading a lot of the posts on here and peoples views on football clubs i think a lot of guys only have to look at the example of wadebridge town and what they have achieved to date. money is always an issue in todays game but the way they go about their buisness creating one of the best playing surfaces and grandstands in the county by not running before they can walk, they do things slowly and correctly and are a credit to cornish football and are showing everyone else what can be acheived , i read stuarts comments on porthleven and they are totally correct , wadebridge went up as champions and deserved to last season , what ever porthleven decide to do thats their buisness, but a look at wadebridge could just help them . wadebridge has always had great players from that area robbie , dave ferrit , yelly , mark row, danny, luke hodge,roy may, and all were treated in the right way , when they were playing well they were encouraged to play for falmouth etc because when they dropped out of that standard the first club they come back to was the bridge because they were coached and treated correctly. in todays game wadebridge have a strong and tallented side but no superstars ,the club has been based on team work togetherness spending time on the training field with the weaker players not just molly cuddling the superstars, making it a team together, the coaches they have had rossi , alan pinch, great guys who love helping the players , and it shows in the sides they produce, wadebridge town are a credit to cornish football and their story is far from finished yet , they have survived for many years because from the tea girls to the commitee and the players and managers they all pull together . if the county hand out any awards for cornish football then i would hope wadebrige town would be concidered for what they have achieved off and on the field with out breaking the bank, football can be successfull and enjoyable for the players and staff but walking before you run is a lesson we can all learn about , and for guidence just look towards wadebridge town and you wont go far wrong , i know the guys at godolphin have the same thoughts and were comming along nicely, sucess @ a junior level then east cornwall and now SWPL level and growing stronger slowly but all the time . cornish football is exciting and growing and sides like wadebridge are showing the way to all of us , alan metters

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