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Best and worst travelling support in SWPL Premier?

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Does what it says on the tin, this thread.

For me, St Blazey still have the biggest travelling support in this league, so far not falling below 20 for any league match this season.

Falmouth still take a few away, but this seems to have decreased greatly in recent seasons. It is a long way from Falmouth to Cullompton though!

We think Clyst only brought a couple of fans, but quite a few of the Devon clubs have brought no more than a "car load".

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Great to see that Blazey fans still travel to away games despite nothing to play for... muck kudos and credit to the boys in Green.

However, the average gate at a Blazey away match is only 99 (6th highest in Prem) so perhaps the Devon boys just don't cross the border as well as the Blazey faithful.

By the way, your home crowds are down by almost exactly the same amount as St Austells are up, coincidence ?

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As has been widely discussed on this forum already, locally-based players are always likely to bring more fans; that is one reason why Snozzle's crowds are up and ours are down.

The St Blazey hardcore support is still there, and if some local boys are brought in, or our fortunes improve, or both, our figures can only improve.

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Our travelling support will be a little less as we have 3 fans who are going to watch some dull match in the midlands!!! Still, we should have a decent following tomorrow. I have two grounds to do in this league to complete the full set which is Clyst and Witheridge which will be this saturday and next saturday. With the chance to enter the F.A cup requiring a 10th place finish to even stand a chance of entering, it means theres plenty to play for. Who thought a 10th plave finish could so intresting!!! :blink:

Come on Blazey!!! :drink:

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Was at Tavvi on Saturday,the old stand is no more and foundations are laid for the new one,going to be a lot of changes there with the new footie academy being built.

Back to Saturday,and Town were really unlucky not to get a point out of the game,o.k. Tavvi wasted a few good chances,but Town were worth a point,as they were at Buckland last away game in Devon,Alan Carey has certainly got them playing,and a draw or a win are just around the corner.

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