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Are Liverpool supporters happy then?. Midfield, what's with the little video under each post, are you trying to remind yourself of the last time you beat your nearest rivals?.

No, just reminding you how good we are!


Fair play :c: .. Still been a little while since you took all the spoils against us though mate ;)

happy as larry!!

there's no one better for the job. With Rafa now in charge, we can look to the bright future even more!

Would you imagine that he must have got everything he wanted in his new contract then Darren?. You know, the well documented sole responsibility of transfers etc..

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You'll find that 99% of Liverpool fans want him in charge. Who else is out there? As soon as Parry said he was leaving I knew he'd stay cos he's been part of the problem with regards to transfers. I believe it was Parry who really signed Keane, Rafa wanted Barry. Just the 2 americans to go now!!

The manager should be in charge of all that goes on at a football club on the football side of things. Fergie has been allowed to get on with it, Wenger has been, Mourinho was (apart from Svenchenko and see how that ended up). So yeah, Rafa's got his way, and I'm over the bloody moon

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