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Guest spurs03

the chairman and commitee members of constantine football club,would like to put the record straight,

that the views of phil mitchel are not the views of constantine afc ,and that he is not a member of the

club in any way. constantine would like to win every game they play as would all the rest of the

teams out there,nobody wins anything this early in the season, but like all teams we will give it our

best shot. we would like to wish all teams who are still in with chances of winning a league title or silverware

the very best, and may football win the day and not the mouth of an idiot.

constantine afc.

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Spurs 03. hold your horses, i have never said i am part of constantine football club and i say it again so everybody can read it,


i dont believe i have said anything that has brought the name of constantine fc into disrepute. I am the same as every other user on this site, a local football fan, and id like to think i could say the teams i like, dislike, hope go up, hope go down, wish well, hope for disaster and i believe i have the right to show that.

just because i dont play anymore doesnt mean i cant comment. I hope that constantine go up, i hope they win the league and i hope they do well in the cups. i also feel the same about man utd but im not a member of their club.

I do believe there is no record to put straight as all i have ever done on here is wish constantine well as a supporter (and surely you havent got that many that you can pick and choose who is and who isnt) and wish there local rivals suffering (harsh i know). there is a good bunch out there and i think its a good club. i have played for a few local teams myself and like to get around on a saturday, have a pint or two and talk football.

so please, what i say is not from the mouh of an idiot, but a local football fan who wishes all teams well no matter how much stick i may dish out to some teams (penryn, mawnan). so Mr P ill introduce myself at the cup final and we can have a pint.

good luck

phil :smiley20::smiley20::smiley20::smiley20:

ps i dont know who grant mitchell is so please do not associate us. :thumbsup:

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Guest spurs03

hi phil mitchell, when you say that its good to see mawnan losing,and that they wont win s--t this year.and

that constantine will win the junior cup,and the league,and then next season constantine will take division

one next year from mawnan first team hahahaha!!! take that mawnan hahaha. this is the point that constantine would like to put straight. phil if you got a problem with mawnan,I am sure the mawnan no.9

would love to talk to you face to face. constantine do not wish any teams in any league bad luck,if constantine win the league or any silverware that would be great, but also we could have a season that we dont win anything thats football. all constantine is putting across is that your views are not there views.

and yes I would love to have a pint with you,as would constantine,and mawnan and penryn,then we would no who you are.

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all constantine is putting across is that your views are not there views.

Im sure fans of Newquay and Penzance and Falmouth town and Penryn and Truro and every other club have different opinions than the club officials. everything you quoted me as saying is my opinion. i wish constantine well and i wish all other clubs well, its great banter to have local rivalry as most the players locally are mates anyway. im sure that Mick Hucknalls views are different to that of Alex Ferguson but you dont see Man Utd going on Sky tv saying Mick Hucknall is an idiot and nobody should listen to "HIS" views.

i see where you are coming from and your loyalty to your club is commendable. i will proof read my postd from now on to ensure that i make it clear that i am mearly a fan of constantine and not a member of the commitee or team.




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