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St Stephens Borough v St Blazey

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St Stephens Borough regret to announce that the admission price for the Cornwall Senior Cup tie with St Blazey on Saturday, 6th December 2008, will rise to £2.00.

This is because a referee and two assistant referees will be appointed to the game and the club found at the previous tie with Portreath that the game receipts and players match fees did not cover the cost of three officials.

Borough have incurred greatly increased costs this season through promotion to the East Cornwall Premier League and the club cannot afford to make a loss on the game.

The club hopes that supporters of both teams will appreciate the reason behind this decision and feel that £2.00 is not an unreasonable amount to charge for which hopefully will be an excellent cup tie.

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I wouldn't worry about it as your supporters would probably have to pay more than that if it was at St Blazey or any other Peninsula league club.

You are a senior club now so start thinking like one.

You can't buy a pint for £2.00 anymore so its cheap entertainment Mr Secretary.

Best of luck for the game.

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Guest Peppermint

I have just spoken to Phil Hiscox and he confirmed the prices for the League. £4 is the minimun charge for admission for Premier League matches but in the Division 1 West and East there is no minimuum but a £3 maximum charge.

I aplogise for the incorrect information earlier so DanBlazey was correct about Okehampton Argyle.

I think clubs like Newquay, Penzance, Penryn and Porthleven who were in the old South Westrn League when the charge was set at £3 then they have continued to do the same.

So I am sure St Blazey followers will be very happy at the £2 admission being charged by St Stephens Borough.

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