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Newquay versus Penryn 4th November

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Not sure who the scorer was look like across that just went in over keepers head. That was after about 5 minutes. Newquay started off the brighter for first 20minutes or so but from there Penryn upped the tempo and really started to dominate the game without really creating too many chances. My personal opinion is that we deserved a draw minimum really but thats football and take nothing away from Newquay they battled all the way for the 3 points. I am sure Mitch will fill us in with his match report as soon as he has a chance

good luck for season

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Guest Peppermint

Very fair comments from Iamthe best - Penryn did on the balance of play deserve a draw at least but did not create too many chances. Newquay did keep battling for the match but Penryn had much the better of possession in the second half especially.

The goal was one of those that could have been a cross but I am sure the player will be claiming it was a cross shot but who can blame him. I look forward to one of Mitch's excellent reports.

Good luck to Iamthebest and Penryn Athletic who have a number of talented young players including the son of referee Keviv Knowles.

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Newquay 1 - 0 Penryn

Newquay and Penryn met for the second time in a matter of weeks and both sides contributed to an excellent game that remained tight and competitive from the first minute to the last.

The opening five minutes were relatively incident free until Newquay went ahead in very fortunate circumstances. A move down the left wing resulted in Matt Davis swinging a deep cross towards the back post, which evaded everybody and went in via the woodwork. The goal surprised both sides and Newquay knew that they would have to work hard to maintain their lead for the remainder of the game.

Penryn, who lined up a far stronger side than the recent game at Kernick Road, fought back and applied pressure to the Newquay back line. Thankfully Adam Weller continued his excellent form and supported fellow defenders Lee Hazeldine and Joff Bunt to keep the Penryn attack at bay.

James Merrikin was called into action on a couple of occasions and opted to punch clear rather than catch. Whilst Penryn maintained a large volume of possession, no clear goalscoring opportunities materialised.

The second half continued in the same vein, with Penryn enjoying their fair share of possession. Newquay were limited to half chances and the Penryn backline handled most attacks that came their way. A Penryn defender collected a booking for a late tackle on Andy Harris and Lee Hazeldine collected his token yellow card for persistent foul play after no fewer than ten fouls in the match. Youngster Jed Jenkins retained his place in the Newquay side after a couple of excellent performances and seemed to be enjoying his football alongside the more experienced Russell, Harris and Middleton in the midfield.

Newquay looked fairly comfortable in the latter stages of the game, Penryn had one good chance when the referee awarded a free kick right on the edge of the box. However, the two players looking to strike the ball ended up squabbling about who had the right to take it and the resulting free kick nearly cleared the clubhouse.

The referee brought the game to a conclusion and a few tense words were shared by the Penryn manager, probably out of frustration. Penryn will be disappointed not to come away from Mount Wise with a point, however, last night they were up against a resolute Newquay defence that showed the same kind of grit and determination that resulted in a strong finish to last season. Newquay will be very pleased to take all six points from a Penryn side that have proven very hard to beat in recent years. Newquay have finally started gathering some momentum, winning three games out of four.

Pasty's man of the match - Jed Jenkins.

Attendance - 50 seems like a conservative estimate, but I will go along with it for fear of reprisal!

Knowlsey - 'young' and 'talented'

Young and talented enough to have played Zammo in Grange Hill! :D


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