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West Cornwall Sunday League 14/9

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Once more the Western Australian press have picked up rumours of another sensational result for Crowntown.

The teletypes have reported a 5-3 victory over the highly fancied (Well, by Gorgie) Mpad Utd.

Once more without the solid base I provide at the back, they shipped shedloads of goals but somehow managed to fluke 4 at the other end. (Mpad, very kindly, scored the other one to help out the good guys)

I see that Crowntown look like going through yet another season without a clean sheet.

BUT top of the league I suspect.

Crowntown are walking It!

Crowntown scorers Will Bain 2, Jamie Marles 1, Roger Duncan 1 (off the bench and scoring 2 weeks on the trot!) and, of course the excellent, calmly taken, Mpad own goal.

From your reporter "Down under". the table.

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yeah good game between gloweth and falmouth albion. game was well reffed as could have boiled over after the red card. credit to falmouth tho, they kept going. david oakes scorer of both gloweth goals.

What was the red card about? (Who? why?)

I was hoping that the Sunday League had given red cards up but here we have three, at least, in two weeks!

Still more in the sporting "pot" for those that behave. Target for this season is to average 8 sporting points from refs.

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stupid from albions player 2 get sent off obvisly wasnt there didnt see the challenge.

but with a sending off last week and this week thats 2 player who will be missing from the saturday team.

which is anoying :angry2:

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