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Does size matter?

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Being small is the least of my problems! Ha

On a serious note, managers will always have their own opinions so you have to leave it up to them as it is their job. However, a good friend of mine is quite small, but I think he is good enough to be mixing it with the boys at Truro City. I know he has personal commitments too though.

His Name is Kev Lawrence and I would be very surprised if anyone replies to say he is not a top player.

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Guest thebigfella

It depends... on the game, the opposition, the conditions and the position that player plays in.

Simply, you wouldn't want a 5ft 3in centre back would you?

Two players immediately spring to mind for me. Chris Locke at Liskeard, in my opinion, struggles at centre back due to his stature, while his teammate in central midfield, Dan Parkes, can often dominate that area and not shirk the physical stuff.

Mike Roberts at Torpoint is not exactly a man mountain, but is very effective on his day.

Personally, I think size does not matter individually, but you need to balance out the smaller players in your side with ones with slightly more physical presence. Like everything, balance is important. For example, a side with Locke, Parkes and Roberts in the side, although technically very good would, without doubt, struggle to compete... in my humble opinion!

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The best two players that I played against in the Combo last season were probably the smallest players in the league - Josh at Illogan and Rod Stewart (sorry, no idea what he is called!) at Truro.

Granted both of them were playing in the centre of midfield, but they were the perfect ally for a strong ball winner. I find it quite funny that a lot of tall players are really poor in the air!

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Guest jumpers 4 goalposts

personally i dont think size is overly important, if you position your body well when defending and have good upper body strength then there shouldnt be any reason why a smaller player cant be as good or better than someone bigger and taller than them

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One other thing that I would consider is what I based my dissertation on while I was at uni. The title was "Does somatotype (body shape) affect playing positions in youth football?"

The conclusions that I found were that yes it does in many cases. This was partly due to the physical demands that certain players could meet more easily than others, but mainly because teachers and parents, when interviewed, stated that it is better to play larger players in defence and smaller, quicker players up front. This then has a knock-on effect as these players learn the positions from an early age and generally consider these to be their permanent playing positions.

The only trouble with this is that the players only learn a specific skill set rather than a range of skills. This is partly why Mini-soccer has become so big, to give these players more touches on the ball and a larger skilll set.

Essay over!

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