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  1. Hope it’s ok to copy the link https://www.falmouthpacket.co.uk/news/17607723.falmouth-town-to-remain-at-bickland-park/ That’s great News. A proper Cornish football ground.
  2. Yeah West Briton Helston /lizard edition. A write up but no picture from the BIGGEST CUP in Cornwall! All about Truro City relegation battle I’m afraid. 😥 Falmouth Packet write up and pictures are great coverage. And generally if I can’t make home games Matt Friday will do good live updates.
  3. Not the Clearest picture but here’s some of the Town supporters behind the goal. A very memorable day. This is just before half time so quite a few had already headed for the bar!!
  4. Falmouth have been unlucky with strikers this year through no fault of their own. Jordan obviously left but does help out which is noticed, Matt buchan been plagued with injury, jack bowyer has joined the police now so his appearance is limited, Rob wearne made a come back and scored but has got injured again so is out long term again. How many goals would have been scored between these players during the season? ( quite a few I would imagine) So with these factors in place I think reaching 2 cup finals is very good! Up the Town! And as for struggling in the league no one will ever remember if we finished 2nd , 10th or even 12th.. as it’s more important to rebuild for the new league set up now.
  5. How old is Jordan ? He is a very good striker and seems to be having a good go playing at a higher level. Best of luck to him. Does anyone have the career statistics of Glynn Hobbs ( clubs and goals ) ?
  6. Well done Westy, James, Charlie and the team! Two cup finals to look forward too. 🍺
  7. I always wondered how the attendances would be worked out ? Is it just paying customers they count ? or do they include non paying guests too ( Fa presentatives, etc.. ) Maybe a simple head count 20 minutes into kick off would give a accurate number and probably boost the figures ( providing there’s only a few hundred to count!)
  8. Well done Falmouth for reaching the Final! (4.1 Falmouth: Cooper, Brabyn, Annear, Calver o.g scorer for st Austell Calver )
  9. http://nonleaguematters.co.uk/forum/gforum.cgi?post=630279
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