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Red Cards for Swearing on the pitch!

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This is reallty in relation to the Stitihians v Penryn 4ths thread in regards to players beins sent off for swearing. I thought it would be a good topic to continue in a seperate thread. Perhaps some referees could come on hear and clear the issues up?

Ok the FA Ruling is a sending off for foul and abusive language. Fair enough, but i am a little bit confused about weather there is zero tolerance in relation to swearing? Are referees inconsistant when it comes to swearing? At any level it seems to be on some occasions a player can swear out loud or to himself or a team mate and gets away with it. but you call the ref a **** to his face and your sent off! Ok theres common sense, but surely any player that swears, in any situation must be sent off then? Even if its swearing at himself?

If you say well the referee must use his common sense on swearing. But thats implying swearing can be used. Swearing being used at all is unacceptable to be heard by kids at games.

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At the AFC Hayes v Truro City game (6th Sept), the Assistant Referee on a few occasions told the players to watch their swearing, he would tell them and it eased, only to rise in volume again, each time they took heed to his request, I don't know if the Assistant Referee on the opposite wing had the same problem.

Yes there was some swearing but not to be offensive, for the Linesmen to be the ones to tell them, that may have been at the request of the referee, who to my knowledge concentrated on the game, leaving those matters to them.

Many people have commented that the refereeing in the Southern League is of a far better standard than was experienced in recent seasons, as an exile I couldn't comment on the recent past, this season is the first chance I have had to watch City regularly "Away". From the two games I have seen at S/L level I must say the refereeing standard has been good, I did however think that the referee at Windsor allowed too much time to be taken with Goalkicks and throw ins but his decisions were spot on.

As for the little saints and swear words, the little (Censored) could teach us more than we could teach each other.

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