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Storm - Truro City Deal

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Hi everybody on this part of the Forum.

I remember reading about some form of deal between Storm and Truro City. What does it involve?

Do Truro lend players to Storm or swap players between Strom and Truro 3rd team. How does the deal work?

Is the eventual aim to get Truro 3rd team into the Combo under the guise as Storm?

Just curious and nosey as it may effect the Combo.

Any hints yet of who might be applying to join the Combo at the end of the season. I know Troon had plans but if they can't turn up to matches, well ....

Perranporth's aim is to get promotion to the SWPL Div 1 West at the end of the season. I don't know if there will be relegation from the SWPL as there are only 17 teams due to the demise of Goonhavern whist the Div 1 East has 18. If not and Perranporth are promoted then there will be one space in the Combo or perhaps two if they decide whoever is bottom is out as well. So any ideas on who is looking for a jump up to the Combo?


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Guest mariner

Us (Falmouth Athletic) will be looking to apply for Combination football next season as the new facilities will be fully operational by xmas, and the pitch will be available by next saturday. But promotion will only be available to us if we finish in the top 3 of our league (fal hel 1) and of course if we are accepted.

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Two teams in the combo from Falmouth!

I remember the trips to watch Pz v the Docks. Down the slow train line. Those were the days. At one time and for many seasons Falmouth Docks were the only Combo team in Falmouth.

Remember to get all the paperwork correctly signed by your league secretary or you won't be considered by the combo and sent in by Christmas.

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