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The ECPL have asked me to enclose the following statemant regarding the fate of PADSTOW UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB

It is regretted that Padstow United Football Club have been removed from the East Cornwall Premier League with immediate effect under Rule 14c. Padstow United Football Club has been informed by the league that in view of their failing to fulfil fixtures and being unable to guarantee to the league they are in a position to complete the 2007-8 season, they will be deemed as the relegated club to the Duchy League.

It has also been decided that Padstow United Football Club league fixtures for the season 2007-8 will be expunged as per rule.

ECPL management committee

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This is the new Premier Division table after Padstow United record has been expunged

Premier Division 13 teams

Torpoint Athletic 23 18 3 2 84 22 +62 57

Godolphin 20 15 3 2 63 20 +43 48

Launceston 23 14 2 7 54 29 +25 44

Saltash United 22 13 3 6 61 27 +34 42

Tamarside 20 11 4 5 41 15 +26 37

Lanreath 20 10 4 6 31 28 +3 34

Sticker 22 9 4 9 45 34 +11 31

Biscovey 23 8 4 11 46 46 +0 28

Morwenstow 23 7 4 12 49 53 -4 25

Liskeard Athletic 23 7 3 13 35 70 -35 24

Probus 22 7 2 13 33 59 -26 23

Wadebridge Town 23 3 2 18 25 64 -39 11

Bodmin Town 24 2 2 20 10 110 -100 8

These are the remaining fixtures for the ECPL Premier Division

Saturday 10th May

Godolphin v Lanreath

Launceston v Wadebridge Town

Probus v Tamarside

Torpoint Athletic v Sticker

Monday 12th May

Tamarside v Liskeard Athletic

Tuesday 13th May

Saltash United v Biscovey

Wednesday 14th May

Probus v Lanreath

Tamarside v Godolphin

Saturday 17th May

Lanreath v Tamarside

Morwenstow v Godolphin

Sticker v Saltash United

Tuesday 20th May

Lanreath v Godolphin

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Oh well - I can't see too many now replying to the advert in this week's Cornish Guardian in which the club is requiring a "First Team Manager"

Is there also to be concern from the league about the other advert immediately above the Padstow one? It's from St Columb Major who were holding a EGM tonight for anyone concerned in ensuring football continues there next season! To repeat the advert's words "This meeting will decide the future of the club"

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I think you will find that as Padstow have been deemed as the 'relegated club' to the Duchy League then Lifton will be saved. And yes it would appear that only one team will be relegated from the Premier Division.

It is a shame for Padstow who struggled on for the last 10 years or so. Perhaps a season or two in the Duchy League will help them re group.

As far as St Columb is concerned I know there is a former manager who may return but dropping down to the Duchy League does not appear to be an option.

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well it could be all over ?? but i feel it is the only fair way to do things i feel it would have been a hollow victory if we at godolphin won the league on goal difference if padstow would not play torpoint and they were awarded a 2 - 0 win and 3 points,when torpoint would not get the chance to play padstow twice as we have done, we will continue to win the league and catch up torpoint but the team with the most points and scored the most goals will come first, we understood this at the start of the season so its game on between ourselves and torpoint, but the rules have to be the same for all clubs and a level playing field for all, alan metters coach godolphin atlantic afc

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