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Carlsberg South West Peninsula League Press Statement : Thursday 17th April 2008


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Carlsberg South West Peninsula League

Press Statement : Thursday 17th April 2008

Following the league officers visits to the 15 grounds of clubs attempting to either join the Premier Division or Division 1 East & West over the past two weeks and a further clarification from the FA regarding numbers we are able to announce the following.

The number of clubs in the league will increase to 56, rather than the 54 previously advised, this is mainly because the FA have stated that the increase in the Premier Division from 18 to 20 clubs is on their direct instruction and also to avoid each of Division 1 East and West running with an odd number of teams in it (17).

The league had previously given its word that we would take no more than 1 club per feeder league and we have not changed or altered that in anyway.

We therefore anticipate a final constitution of 56 clubs based on 20 in the Premier Division and 18 in each of the Division 1’s. Exact wording of the new rules that the FA have instructed be inserted into their Standardised Rules will be sent to clubs as part of their AGM packs next month.

Regarding the actual inspections the following clubs who had applied for Step 6 were successful in reaching the ground criteria :

Exmouth Town Newton Abbot Wadebridge Town

The league will promote Wadebridge Town from West and whichever of the East clubs that finishes highest in the table.

Two clubs were declined a ground grading : Stoke Gabriel & Vospers Oak Villa.

The following clubs who had applied for Step 7 who were successful in reaching the ground criteria are :

Bovey Tracey* Exeter Civil Service Godolphin Atlantic*

Royal Marines Truro City Reserves

(* = Grading took into account planning permissions as well as facilities in place under the 2 year dispensation clause).

Five clubs were declined a ground grading : Chagford, Heavitree Harriers, Helston Athletic, Sticker & St Martins

The 5 clubs that have met the criteria have all been offered a place for the 2008/09 season.

Philip Hiscox (Company Secretary)

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The Royal Marines is an odd one. With the marines involved in confrontations throughout the world will they be able to complete their season, or does this involve just the training establishments in Devon and the marines who are based locally. What say you Phil H

It would be great to see Exmouth Town back into the fold here is a club which found itself in an unenviable position of terrible financial diffiuclties. Pulled out of the Western League, went into local football and under good management worked themselves back into the Peninsual League and could now find themselves back in the regions top flight.

Truro City Reserves was expected although under the current situation at the club what will happen to their reserve team. As another posting on this site says that Trevor Mewton is alleged to be the new Penzance manager.

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Firstly Trevor Mewton is the new Penzance manager. It was made public today. He starts in June, when training restarts.

With no relegation from the SWPL Premier, Wadebridge getting promotion from Div 1 West to make the numbers up to 20 (plus 1 from Div 1 East)

The SWPL Div 1 West will increase from 16 to 18 clubs. With Wadebridge up that means there will be places for 3 teams. Godolphin Atlantic and Truro are 2, so who will move over from Div 1 East or are the Royal Marines joining Div 1 West (I don't know where they will play). This will allow 2 teams to join Div 1 east.

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