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Ok, this may be a bit unfair but I was just wondering, as a first season together draws to a close whether those associated with the "coming together" of both clubs are happy with how it's gone in their first season.

Do I remember rightly that one of the main reasons for joining the two clubs together was to greaten the chances of progressing to senior football?, ie, facilities etc..

Do the Praze players think that they have perhaps gone backwards after their exploits in the league and in the junior cup last season?.

Would the Storm players have rather they were left alone?.

I am just interested to see what the clubs opinions are as to how they think things have gone and also whether any of you actually miss them as individual clubs. Personally I miss playing the Praze boys at Praze and the banter we used to share in the pub afterwards.

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Good question!

I played for Trevenson last year and joined Storm this season as the 2 clubs came together. As an outsider at first it was a difficult time becuase there were different styles of play and different post-match routines etc.

There were some in-house fall outs and people were not happy, including myself.

I think most of our results have been picked up in the second half of the season, as at the start we were not good enough - for more than one reason:

+ Players left early in the season to join Combo sides.

+ We began the season with about 9 first team players injured. I played my first game in late November!

+ Everyone had heard the hype about the club and wanted to hammer us.

+ The players that did play were still getting to know each other.

Anyway to cut a long story short we have also introduced some quality players to the squad (Adam Solomon is on fire, Simon Dixon has been great etc) and the club has improved all season and continues to do so. We now have a good team spirit and people don't talk about last year anymore. Apart from not turning up to our semi-final against TMS we have performed very well for the last two months.

I personally am very happy now and I know that people are already committing to play next season. With the addition of one or two players I honestly believe we will be a strong side next season. We aim to finish this season well to prove it. As far as football goes most teams we play against will say that we play some excellent passing football!

Be interesting to hear what other people think!

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coopsie - great question.

fatso - totally agree with your comments, but still work to do at the club on and off

the pitch though it is slighty improving week by week.

from an ex-praze players point view this season has been shocking to say the least.

half the praze team has left, the club at the moment has no association with praze.

hopefully the 2nds will start playing there home games next season at praze.

fatso, there is some great characters at the club (yourself included) but the club has

to sort the after match drinking sessions, can you remember the last time a away team

came back to our pub (clipper bar), like coopsie said the banter down at praze was top

notch as was the food. (whose idea USA chicken)

anyway i think the club will be a lot stronger next season and this season should just

be forgotten.

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Not ideal the Clipper bar though is it jules, no were to park for both teams for starters & its a bit of a treck

from the ground. The best drinking sessions normally start at clubs like Holmans & Illogan or even at our place,at least you can leave your car parked up & have a few bevvies..Praze pub was ideal really,just down the road from the ground & somewhere to leave your car...something that might need addressing at your agm perhaps...

Oh....I know a lot of teams have to travel to their watering holes but I'm talking about Storm.

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I know I never really see away teams but parking is a problem! But also going all the way to Praze from the ground would be too. There must be a sollution?

As for drinking..... I have managed to get myself ruined after most matches.

There are some good characters and the more time we spend together we can only get better!

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MR Club Secretary here,

As one of the main instigators of the merger I admit that things have not gone entirely to plan and things around Christmas were extremely strained, the key people involved with the merger i.e myself and Roger Batt were a litte dissilusioned and fed up with negativity and lack of support.

However since Christmas we have been working a lot closer together and several key players have stepped up and taken on a bit of the workload from myself and Roger, leaving us to sort out a few of the other problems that had arisen and get the club bonding and heading in the right direction again both on and off the pitch.

We have overcome an Injury hit season and are improving the already decent facilities at our main pitch and looking to base a side permanently from Praze next year, most probably the reserves, and look to improve the facilities there aswell.

So to surmise has this year worked out the way we wanted? - No!, are we confident that next year will be a success? - yes most definately!

I will say with confidence WATCH THIS SPACE!


Matt Osborn

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Nice one Matchu!

Nice to hear that we are all in agreement that this season was not so great and that next season we will be heading in the right direction. It has been great seeing the facilities improve at the pitch. Two semi-finals played there this season already!

Imagine when we get all the work finished down there. Perhaps now would be a good time to see if any neutrals out there know people that may be able to help us quicken up the process. If anyone knows of any equipment that we may be able to buy (well.... have really hehe) or if anyone can offer any help at all.??????

Fingers crossed no injuries from now on!

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Having played at Storm (twice) in the last couple of weeks I can honestly say in my opinion that the changing facilities are the best in the league and the potential for the ground is excellent although I will comment the ground (surface mainly) still has the feeling of a rugby ground.

The team has obviously not done as well as they would have liked but the potential is there and the lads definitly appear to have the right attitude and are trying to playfootball the right way

I'm sure Storm/Praze will enjoy more success next season although the after game socialising is cleary a problem when teams have to go a distance from ground to pub mainly because lets be honest we are all quite lazy and once in our cars can't be arsed looking for a parking space lol

best of luck next season

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Must admit martin that jeweller and I felt a bit bad about not going back to the clipper bar last week but as you say with blaythorne on the doorstep and match fees to collect!!!!! i had to turn right into blaythorne car park as the tractor beam was in full effect!!!!!

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Guest postman pat

coopsie it just means you cant wait until you get back to penzance before you have a pint :P:drink::thumbsup: and you are a more socialable club :wacko:

unlucky weds in the semi-final but tms did deserve their win :blink:

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coopsie it just means you cant wait until you get back to penzance before you have a pint :P:drink::thumbsup: and you are a more socialable club :wacko:

unlucky weds in the semi-final but tms did deserve their win :blink:

Damn you Mr Eddy, you already know me too well :thumbsup:

As we said on wednesday night, there was probably not very much in it if we were to compare posession BUT they were the ones that actually created the chances and worked the keeper. We were way too one dimensional and basically got what we deserved.

Back to topic, you're absolutely right. We are a sociable club and we kind of pride ourselves on that.

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In fairness to our reserve team they only have a few stay after each game as quite a few of the players come down from Plymouth. The club has always agreed that if they want to travel back after the game then they will not be frowned upon. They only stay for a short while after home games, depends on train times etc! As for the rest I can not comment.

I can tell you that our 1st team visit every opposing bar, whether pitchside or down the road. The only time we don't is if we have good reason. It is a shame that other teams do not come back to ours, because we have good fun, but I understand with the lack of parking. Or having to park a few metres away from the bar....... and walk! Lazy buggers! hehe

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Storm drink at the clipper bar which is in the town centre of the metropolis of Camborne next to the Corn Exchange nightclub/bar.

We had to reverse our fixture (holmans) 2 weeks ago and Storm were kind enough to allow us to play at their place (they were also kind enough to hammer us 1-6!!!) but all their lads came back to Blaythorne for a socialble one afterwards

Definitley one of the better drinking and more approachable teams in the league which i think is a carry over from the Praze era who all liked the odd shandy too!!!! good bunch of lads :drink::drink::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Off the post slightly but I hear your tractor beam may be focusing on another destination next season Pitty....is this true or are we gonna have to wait & see?

I won't tell anyone...promise.


I think the ginger one has got that wrong mate i'm afraid!!!

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