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Changes to some Premier Division fixtures

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Received from the League Secretary, Phil Hiscox, today:-

"Please note after considerable discussion and thought followed by a good close look at the plusses and minus of the situation I have made the following changes :

With Cornwall v Devon as the deciding match in the South West Counties Championship on Tuesday 29th April at Saltash United and the Cornwall squad having so many Bodmin Town players in it (even more so now taht 3 players left Falmouth for Bodmin after the fixture was made.

It is hard to justify Tavistock v Bodmin being played 24 hours later knowing if the players are not released Cornwall suffer and if they are able to play the title race could be compromised. Likewise if I allow Bodmin to finish their fixtures after Saltash have completed theirs the title race is also compromised.

So the solution I have come up with sees Saltash not have to stage games on both Tuesday & Wednesday, it releases both Bodmin & Saltash players to play for Cornwall and it means Tavistock (who Bodmin were to play) and Parkway (who were to play Saltash) can play each other therefore meaning that on Weds 7th May all 3 of the Top 3 sides will play their last games on the same night at the same time.

The Tavistock Reserves v St Columb East Cornwall fixture will have to be moved (to Tues 6th May ?)

Finally the changes avoid Tavistock & Bodmin playing each other in a league game 5 days before the same 2 sides meet in the Throgmorton Cup Final.


Wednesday 30th April

Plymouth Parkway v Tavistock (Was 7th May)

Wednesday 7th May

Saltash United v Plymouth Parkway (Was 30th April)

Tavistock v Bodmin Town (Was 30th April)"

Many thanks Phil for including me on your mail list.

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