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Looks like Chacewater's title to lose at the moment, but anything can happen in football and I'm sure their manager (who I'm sure is drawing on all the experiences he gained from the great managers he played under in his playing days!!! ;) ) won't let his lads lose focus.

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shows all the game left to play.

Though Chacewater are in the best position they have a tough run in.

Despite St Kevernes defeat yesterday they dont have any of the top sides left to play.

Athletic have plenty of away games.

Mawnan have to play Chacewater and Falmouth - if they win both could be in with an outside chance.

Plenty of twists and turns to come I think.

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biggest problem for falmouth is it seems everyone is out to stitch us up with senior players, again last night we played a boosted st day side when regulars were on the bench. perhaps this is why certain sides are getting stuffed due to lack of players maybe loyalty by clubs might in return be rewarded by loyalty from players. afterall how would you feel if you played all season then get put on the bench because first team players are available mid-week?

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