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Haven't had a lot to write about recently so will make this quick,St dennis had 4 16 Yr old lads play yesterday 2 making their debut and 2 that have have played a couple games in the past few weeks,1 of them getting 4 goals in 2 games,I was also told that Calstock had a couple 16 Yr old lads play yesterday who were decent as well.

After last week's narrow loss to Dobwalls  we dug in for a win which is even more impressive as we were down to 10 men for 70 mins the lads really stepped up to the plate and we had 3 players make their debut,can only hope we play like that every week lol.

Well reffed by nigel and assisted well by the linesman n lines woman,not only does Calstocks secretary spend her time doing secretary stuff she also runs the line and does it very well too. 

Good luck to Calstock for the rest of the season.

Forgot the result,3-2 and damo the head case saved a penalty too happy days

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