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Newquay vs Bude

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Going up to watch Newquay vs Bude today should be a good game Bude have some really good players i think the goalie Liam Hill is reall class and the Hopcroft lads are a real handful then you got Tornado hope he plays always entertains , hope its the football side Bude that turns up this afternoon and not the lets say Physical Bude side but people keep slagging them off they have let there team down in the past but they do have so many good players .

Be interesting to see Newquays new goalie this afternoon Blazeys Brodie Cole he is a good goalie but hes been reserve to Sean Semmens so  we will see how he gets on hes got big boots to fill in the player i reccomended to Newquay and i class as a friend Adam Rowbothan who has moved on to Helston i think he wasnt treated properly and has been criticised a lot recently especially after the Camelford when Ross Beare scored from the halfway line , people forget all the saves he made and in the vase when he  was hero in the penalty shot out but its only the mistakes he made people remember and not the brilliant saves he made .

I will wish you well at your new team Adam and i will be down with Smokie to watch you soon sorry to see you leave Newquay thats you and Harry both gone now i better not say forced out of the club but through peoples opinions that is what has happened 


Welcome to Newquay Brodie Cole hope  you got thick skin and watch your back Hope you do well at Mt Wise 

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  This Newquay team where very good this afternoon back to full team with new goalie Brodie Cole between the posts , he had a very quiet 1st half Newquay going 2-0 with 2 very soft goals by Louis Price and big help from the pitch especialy the 2nd goal Bude goalie had the soft shot covered when the ball hit a divot or a mole and bounced over Liam Hill and bounced over him to put Newquay 2-0 up  2nd half a rejuvenated Bude came out and started very well and puled a goal back when 1 of the Hopcroft brothers went on a mazy run and had his legs taken away in the pen box clear pen .Pen was nearly saved by Brodie Cole but the power of the shot beat him .  

Brodie Cole on his debut then pulled off a worldy save to keep the score at 2-1 Louis Price completed his hat trick with a brilliant lob over Liam Hill then came Cam Turners party piece not from a free kick this time but straight from a corner and there was even time for 1 more goal from sub Coen Briggs to make the final score 5-1 to Newquay 

This was a excellent Newquay performance against a Bude side who where good as gold all afternoon it was lovely seeing Tornada having a laugh with the kids about football teams thought he was brilliant 

The ref and officials where excellent and handle the game well thought the crowd was disapointing this afternoon but it was cold up there . 

Only 1 player for MOM for Newquay  and that has got to be Louis Price it has to be his new aero Dynamic haircut and Mom for Bude the no7 

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Adam made a few mistakes but what about the games he won for Newquay the penalty saves he made in the vase he made some great saves hes a great goalie and he will proof it look at Harry Ashton he was driven out of the club now hes at St Austell and the best goalie in the league . Lets see how long Brodie lasts before hes driven out of the club as well .

Adam made a couple of mistakes and he was blamed for Ross Beares goal from the halfway line for Camelford and that signalled the end of Adams career at Newquay the fault didnt lie with Adam but elsewhere . I wish Adam all the best at Helston but hes got a job on his hands shifting regular no 1 Kyle Moore a great goalie 

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