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Combo Match Report

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Penzance Reserves 0-3 St Just

A severely depleted Penzance side took the field against St Just missing 6 players who had started at St Just the week before. They were looking to extend their unbeaten run to 5 games whilst St Just were out to avenge a 2-1 defeat to the Magpies at Lafrowda Parc in terrible conditions 7 days earlier.

Well Penzance never managed the double over their local rivals and St Just ground out a comfortable 3-0 wins in a forgettable game.

Most of the action took place in the 1st half as during the 2nd, St Just closed down Penzance with the off-side trap. Many times Penzance attackers were pulled up short by the ref’s whistle.

The first few minutes of the half are fairly even. Charlie Pearce tries a 40yd shot which goes wide and Chris Laing for St Just has a weak shot from a corner go into Penzance keeper, Damien Norman’s arms.

St Just have a scare in the 3rd min though. Penzance break through 1-on-1 with the keeper, Andrew Curnow, how parries away a shot only for the ball to be volley back at him. As he is scrambling back between the sticks the ball goes just wide of his right hand post with him beaten.

St Just put this behind them and on 8mins take the lead. They break down their right with Stefan Smith who works his way into the box, beats one defender and places a neat curling chip into the net over the head of the advancing keeper. 1-0 to St Just.

A couple of minutes later Penzance have an opportunity to be on level terms as Charlie Pearce find himself 1-on-1 with the keeper down the right but he scoops the ball over the bar from the edge of the box.

On 16mins St Just almost double their lead as Stuart Nicholls breaks through the right midfield into the box, puts a curler on the ground across the goalmouth that scrapes the outside of the bottom of the post.

On 23mins the score goes to 2-0. St Just work the ball on the edge of the crowded Penzance area. A low shot from the right is well saved by the Penzance keeper but the ball rebounds out. Another shot comes in which hits the left hand post to bounce out to Mark Gendall who fires in a low volley to the keeper’s right from 15yds out.

The game then becomes a dour affair with neither side really troubling the keepers and the ref, Paul Murphy, calls a halt to proceedings on 45 + 2mins.

The disappointingly small crowd for a local derby of 54 enjoy a warm beverage during the half-time break.

If the 1st half was poor the 2nd was worse with practically nothing of note to report. Penzance were like a toothless tiger up front with few chance on the St Just goal due to not working out how to beat the off-side trap and St just not much better seemingly content to be 2-0 up and just running down the clock.

Penzance get a corner on the left but as the ball comes over it conveniently drops into the keepers arms.

On 58mins St Just break through 1-on-1 but the keeper dives at the feet of the attacker to push the ball away for a corner which is wasted.

The next 3 Penzance attacks are halted due to off-side decisions.

St Just finally make it to Penzance’s goaline on their left. They get into the box, put it out to the edge of the box and volley in but the ball is cleared off the goaline. In comes another volley, cleared then another is pushed off the goaline again to safety.

St just get a couple of corners which are wasted. Penzance attack and are off-side yet again, and again, and again, and again. You get the picture.

Penzance make a substitution, new player William Bolitho for Jack Eclery.

With the game thankfully winding down St Just get their 3rd goal in the 80th min. They work their way down the left, cross the ball into the box where Tom Dann volleys from 15yds out. The ball somehow goes through the crowded box into the bottom of the net past an unsighted Norman.

A few minutes later the ref brings the game to and end and we can all leave the prison cell and not have to watch the torture any more.

Our verdict. Penzance too weak up front, they couldn’t find the strength to pop a balloon. Darren Ball at the back once again doing sterling work breaking up attacks, with Alfie Turner running his socks off. Too many youngsters playing against old wise heads in the St Just team.

St Just wanted the 3 points more than Penzance. Simple as that.

Corner count Penzance 2-4 St Just (0-1 1st half)

Head count was 54.

Penzance – Damien Norman, Zak Podd, Ian Smith, Darren Ball, Alfie Turner, Charlie Pearce, Danny Michael, Sam Long, Timmy Nicholas, Jolan Williams, Jack Eclery

Sub – William Bolitho (for Eclery 75mins)

St Just from – A Curnow, C Curnow, J Bird, T Dann, M Howes, C Williams, N Curnow, S Nicholls, S Smith, T George, M Gendall, C Laing.

Penzance’s last home game of the season against Hayle has been pushed back 24hrs to this Wednesday, 7:30pm kick-off.

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Too many youngsters playing against old wise heads in the St Just team.


St Just from – A Curnow, C Curnow, J Bird, T Dann, M Howes, C Williams, N Curnow, S Nicholls, S Smith, T George, M Gendall, C Laing.

Fair write up as always CTB, but i'm struggling to fine the 'old heads' in the St Just side... Only one player over 26 from that line up!

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Sorry perhaps I should have used the phrase "Wise Heads" instead. How many St Just players have spent at least one season playing senior football.

We had one in the Pz team - Darren Ball and it showed even though that was only his 6th start this season.

Most of the rest of the lads have stepped up to the plate from junior football, from teams such as Gulval Reserves, St Ives Reserves, etc.

Personally I think they have done great this season especially with all the chopping and changing we've had this year. Norman Wood was manager for 10 games, then Jerry Ede for roughly the same number, then no one in particular.

The club wanted a policy of youth and we went out and got about 15 youngsters to start the season. Some managed some fell by the wayside. A few older players were drafted in to bolster the side, but then there was trouble in the 1st team and we've been dessimated since. There is only a small 1st team squad and the 1st time a player in the 2nd's shows a bit of skill, they're gone, into the 1st's even if they aren't ready for the jump. Hence both teams have suffered.

We need 2 managers with stickability who will last at least a season, with plenty of contacts around West Cornwall, good at man management and most of all ambitious. Any takers? Both jobs are open for next season. Apply to John Mead.


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Guest Woodpecker

Yep,all bets r off :D Pz have got their man.Alex Ferguson/peter stringfellow of cornish football will be pulling the strings at penlee park next season.He will have a budget bigger than gordon browns :yahoo: Probably will bomb out all of this seasons squad because the club want to win the league in the next 2 seasons,but may have to keep some of the local players,so they can still be called Penzance,but may change their name to Cornish magpies after a few seasons! :yahoo::c: Penzance :c: and TRURO CITY will be the big two in swpl1 next season, :thumbsup:

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There are only 3 officers in Penzance Football Club who will interview and choose the next manager of the club and 2 have told me last weekend that no-one has been chosen yet.

Also all this talk about great amounts of money available next season is pie in the sky as I got smacked down when I mentioned it.

Don't you think bits and pieces are being so-called leaked to muddy the waters to hide the real truth. :wacko:

Why all the fuss anyway, we are only a small town club way down west. There are bigger clubs and bigger jobs in Cornish football than running the 'Pies.


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Guest Helston Patriot

Landing Stripe? Whats Stripe?

If Mewton does take over, does that mean you'll be even more bitter towards PZ??

Maybe you should start your own team called cornish Woodpeckers? :c: :thumbsup:

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Give us a break HP.

We need someone with man management skills who can put a team together with a kind word in the ear here, a little chivvy-up in training there, gelling old and new players.

We certainly don't want someone who has been able, due to having a big budgets, buy players "off-the shelf" and put a team together that way.

Money isn't the way forward for Pz but a fiercly loyal band of players who want to play for the club not a wage packet.

We need to build 1st and 2nd teams, and set-up for the future not "go for glory" over a couple of seasons.


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Guest Woodpecker

Excellent work hp,you do have your uses :thumbsup: if i did start my own team up called cornish woodpeckers,i would have dom pullen up front because he is the best striker in cornwall and the world :yahoo::yahoo: how can i be bitter towards pz,i support pz :c:

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Guest Woodpecker

You better cancel your season ticket(ctb) for next season!Cornish magpies will have cornish superstars B) playing for them! :c: :c:

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