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SWPL Players.....A Suggestion ??

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As clubs reach the business end of the season, it is normal for SWPL teams who's reserves play in the ECPL, Cornwall Combination or P & D League to draft in plenty of 1st team players where points are needed for Promotion or to avoid relegation, etc. :angry2:

Whilst I'm not necessarily saying this is wrong, I do feel it is unethical and not truly in the spirit of the game.

If a SWPL player is prepared to sign for the club and not just the 1st team then that is fine, but I have a suggestion for the three lower leagues , as follows:

If a SWPL player has not played for their respective reserve team prior to the final transfer deadline of the season on 31st March, then they are not allowed to play for the reserve team after that date and therefore cannot be drafted in for the situations listed above. :SM_carton:

Any views on this subject ???

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If a player has signed for a club then he should be able to play whether it is the first game or the last game. Why disadvantage clubs that run more than one team by possibly making them play a game short of players when they have more than enough signed on.

With the current rules allowing a player to play for more than one CLUB, then if you only have one team, make sure you sign on enough players to cover all your games.

Playing players from higher leagues is not illegal so until it is changed you just have to accept it.

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Coach KT, i agree with several points of your post. My own opinion is that each player should only be registered to one club. If that club has reserve and junior teams then he should be allowed to turn out for them. That serves the purpose of a football club. Ultimately the first team is the flag ship and with most SWPL teams that have reserve sides players move in both directions. Reserves playing for the firsts and vice versa. I also find it frustrating when you come to play a side and because of local postponments they flood their side with so called "ringers". One player = One club.

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