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Sunday teams around Camborne

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Crowntown, playing at Nancegollan, enjoy every game.

We train regularly.

The last training session was Thursday 23rd March, behind the pub.


We plan to train now, without fail, every Thursday with a "C" in it.

PM if you're interested for next season.

(The training sessions are extremely arduous and are supervised by ex marine fitness trainers.

Well, that's the plan.

Whether we shall find any to do it is a moot point.)

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Storm Fc have an application in to jon the nalders league next season, if accepted we will be playing in Camborne at our club pitch, we already have 2 saturday sides and good facilities.

After match piss ups will be at the Clipper Bar Camborne where they have the greek satelitte showing ALL the games, a quiz and karaoke.

If we are accepted we will have a good squad and we have a high amount of camborne based players who will be reliving the dream on a sunday.

I for one am looking forward to it...


We will be training wed for the sunday side and tues & thurs for the sat sides.

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