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fao Dave Deacon re forecasts for tonight.

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Dave, just logged on to post forecasts for tonight - 6.20 pm - but thread is closed. Is this a rule, to close entries over an hour before kick off? If so, a bit harsh perhaps.

I did log on last night but the thread was not open at that time, and now is the first time I have been able to log on today.



Just checked, rules say 'close an hour before the earliest kick off' - todays was closed before then.

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That’s ok keep cool!

Not sure why closed as I thought I had done it for half six but must have made a mistake.

DM me and I’ll add yours on. Not a problem 😀👍

You probably already know but Callington off by the way!

Just checked the other two ongoing prediction threads and they are ok, set for an hour before the earliest kick off of the day.

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