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Promotion to and from St Piran

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With the deadline now passed for applications for promotion to the League for 2022-23 season to be received I can confirm that the following clubs have applied:

From the Combination League.  Mullion Reserves (subject to their first team being promoted to Step 6), Pendeen & Penryn Reserves.

From the ECPL.  Altarnun, Gunnislake, St Cleer, St Minver & St Teath.

For any club that is unsuccessful in their bid for promotion to St Piran by League position, their promotion application will be considered to be an application to fill a vacancy should any exist once normal promotion and relegation matters have been settled. 

The following current member clubs have applied for Promotion to Step 6.

From the East Division.  Bude.  

From the West DivisionMullion, St Agnes, St Day & Truro City Reserves.

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On 02/01/2022 at 22:10, Duncswe63 said:

How many getting relegated from the leagues? 
Surely it’s highest position gets promotion if offered after all positions are dealt with according? 

It's 2 down from each Division unless there are withdrawals, which there have been in the East.  This season that means no relegation from that division unless the FA  relegate St Dennis from the SWPL in which case their reserves would go down to the ECPL.  Which teams are relegated from the 17 Step 6 divisions is worked out nationally on a points per game basis so it can all get a little complicated.  There are a few other permutations but that's the basics for this season.

Two teams from each of our feeder leagues can be promoted to St Piran and that will be the highest two placed promotion candidates providing they finish in the top 4 of their league.  There is a scenario where 5th would be sufficient.

If, after all promotion and relegation has taken place there are still vacancies, clubs can apply to fill those vacancies.  Any club wishing to be considered for filling a vacancy must also apply by 31st December.  All promotion candidates that fail to gain promotion based on final league positions are deemed to be applicants to fill vacancies.  The member clubs do not vote on clubs filling vacancies; this process involves the Management Committee, the County FA and the FA agreeing on who should take a place.  Ultimately, the final sign off of the constitution for the following season is by the FA.

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