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Attention of Stig . . . .

Guest Mark Hayman

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Guest h8ymo

Excellent performance on saturday Eddie, had to shoot of early due to the rush hour traffic in downtown Wendron and the demands of Mr Deacon, having to find a lay by on Bodmin Moor with mobile reception isn't easy David !!

Eddie, just like to add that if you thought you got away with falling on your backside in the fourth minute in the centre circle when play swiftly went up the other end, without anyone spotting it, you were wrong, 4.8 for technical merit.

Good to see you, hope all ok in Torquay ? and a thank you to all at Wendron, especially Jack Prowse, for the hospitality and a good win over Vospers Oak Villa.


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Guest Dermot

Stig wouldnt have fallen over,he was just practising a new `Breakdance routine`during a lull in play for one of his Saturday nights performances. ;0) :drink:

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