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Guest Phil H

Dawlish Town Reserves play in the Devon & Exeter League already, they also have a 3rd team in the same league.

The officials of the Newton Abbot club announced this week are not members of Dawlish Town, yes their are "connections" but my understanding is that their is no conflict with the FA regulations concerning involvement in 2 clubs or 1 club being a "nursery" club of another club.

I think we have to take it all at face value, the club were struggling off the pitch with rumours of debts on the rent to the landlords and the well publicised pitch problems that the landlords were never going to help resolve whilst they were owed rent.

Now they have a new committee, they have been careful not to break regulations and they have shown their intent by apprently settling the debts and clearly by applying for promotion.

I for one will give them the benefit of the doubt !

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Guest Rubber Soul

PECL puts 2 and 2 together and gets 7 again. But I bet he thinks he's 100 per cent right again.

Thank you, Phil, for clearing this situation up before people like PECL do any more damage.

To be honest, PECL, who on a Cornish football forum is interested in Newton Abbot and Dawlish? zzzzzzzzz


PS: A ham sandwich is not just for Christmas, it can be for life. Think on.

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Thanks Rubber Duck you have once again not read properly either my original posting or Phil H's posting. or more likely not understood either postings.

My posting said HAVE, you know a question (not had) and Phil H's reply was 'I for one will give them the benefit of the doubt'. After all there appears to be nothing to stop Newton Abbot becoming a nursery club of Dawlish. We will just have to wait and see.

I'd stick to hockey if I were you. You clearly have little knowledge of football. And your statement 'who on a Cornish football forum is interested in Newton Abbot and Dawlish' is nonsensical. It clearly states 'Carlsberg South West Peninsula League Forum'. So along with the Cornish clubs it is also about the Devon clubs as well which actually relates to what happens to Cornish clubs.

Now take a deep breath put your glasses on and read it all again. :SM_carton:

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Guest Rubber Soul

:c: :c: Yes, PECL, I owe you an apology about the forum name. Of course it's the Carlsberg South West Peninsula League Forum, albeit within the Cornish Soccer Forum framework.

But I still think most people on this forum are not the slightest bit interested in Devon clubs, particularly the ones you mentioned. It's difficult to get many people on this forum interested in East Cornwall football, never mind lower Devon football.

It's very clear this forum is dominated by football mad followers in the west of Cornwall - and long may it be so.

We dislike most things Devon, and some of those who live there, with a passion. Devon looks down on Cornwall as if it's the poor relation. You stay over the Tamar Bridge, PECL, you're better off in Devon.

Has anyone heard from the disgraced Tamarside lately, by the way? He was from Devon too, and he wrote almost as much nonsense as PECL does. :c::c::c::c:

PS: Shame about West Ham yesterday. Another ham that's gone off. :yahoo::yahoo: :yahoo:

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:( Dear oh dear Rubber Soul - you do have a problem. I would have thought that in this day and age we are all interested in football where ever we are from, able to put different points of view and accept that we all have a view, no matter how different. Not being from Devon or Cornwall but having lived in both Counties whilst there is friendly banter, but I have not come accross anyone 'who looks down' on someone else. <_<

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Guest crosser

Here is a suggestion for rubber soul, its quite blatantly obvious that your not a fan of ECPL so why don't you just stop reading his posts rather than always replying with snidey comments, if thats is still a little bit difficult if you go into your control panel and choose the option to ignore ECPL, that way you would have to be really sure you wanted to read his post before posting one of your stupid replies.

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Guest h8ymo



Ambitious Dawlish Town have forged a new football partnership with Newton Abbot FC to save the Coach Road club from going under.

They will retain separate identities, with Dawlish, managed by former Torquay United and Dundee United midfielder Chris Myers, still targeting promotion from the Toolstation Western League to the Southern League.However, fresh impetus has been given to Newton Abbot's challenge for a top two spot in Division One (East) of the South West Peninsula League following an application to be part of the SWPL's Premier Division next season.

And a new committee has been established under the chairmanship of Keith Fenner (brother of Dawlish chairman Dave Fenner), plus the appointment of Dawlish general manager Derek Spence as general manager of both clubs.

Another strong link is confirmation that Newton Abbot's new secretary is Alastair O'Callaghan, a key member of Dawlish's youth set-up, who will combine both roles after taking over from Keith Besford at Coach Road.

Negotiations between the clubs have been ongoing for weeks, but speeded up because of Newton Abbot's financial plight brought about by drainage problems with the pitch and back payment in rent to ground landlords Devon County FA.

Commented Spence: "The partnership is working closely with Devon County FA to resolve any outstanding issues, but Newton Abbot will continue to be responsible for the pitch.

"They will continue to play at Coach Road, but the partnership is ready to invest a lot of cash into improving the ground and clubhouse facilities and to setting up a Football in the Community programme similar to that operating at Dawlish at the moment.

"Dawlish Town has tie-ups with 15 schools and a successful link with the Devon Schools' Partnership under the club's Football in the Community Officer Adam Shearer, so it's something the partnership is looking to set-up in Newton Abbot," said Spence.

He added: "There will be no changes to the senior, reserve or third team personnel at Coach Road, though every support will be given to manager Tony Bowker in the first team's attempt to win promotion in the South West Peninsula League.

"That would be perfect, because the gap as it stands is too big between Dawlish Town and its Reserves in Senior Two of the Devon and Exeter League.

"However, to have Dawlish Town in the Southern League and Newton Abbot in the Premier Division of the Peninsula would be perfect for the partnership."

The partnership has not overlooked former Aston Villa, Torquay United and Hereford United winger Dave Rudge, who has been part of Newton Abbot for something like 30 years as player, player-manager, coach and, for the last couple of years, club chairman.

He's been made a Life Vice President of Newton Abbot FC, a gesture which he appreciates along with the new partnership.

"It's a good day for Newton Abbot, because the problems the club has had with the pitch have been well documented," he said.

"Now is also the right time to be moving forward, and I for one hope to stay involved. The partnership ensures the long term future of Newton Abbot, and I see no negatives whatsoever."

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