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Who's up for another go at the SWPL Predictions?

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After two aborted seasons, shall we give it another go?

Yes, who's up for another go at the SWPL Predictions? It's basically the same format and rules. The points scoring system remains at 40 points for the actual correct scoreline and 10 for predicting the correct result. 

If you're no going to be able to commit to the season, probably best not to I think! There's no problem with missing the occasional day's fixtures, but it's not really worth placing your scores unless you're going to keep going through the whole 2021-22 campaign.

As last time, if you miss five consecutive prediction rounds - you're out of the league!

The fixture (which by the way are those that feature only Cornish clubs) for the first day's action is coming up and so be ready to predict and enjoy. The page shuts down an hour before kick-off of the earliest game each time.

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