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Pre Season Friendlies And COVID Restrictions

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With pre season friendlies now in full swing, what are the crowd/COVID guidelines? Assuming that we are still at an attendance ceiling of 300, and that people should still only stand in their bubbles or group of 6, give contact details and wear masks while moving around the ground and clubhouse. Also, is use of the changing and shower facilities still prohibited and things like the regular disinfecting of match balls required together with handshakes, hugging and general celebrating amongst players being generally discouraged?


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30 minutes ago, TheolderIgetthebetterIwas said:

Watching the sport on TV and the pubs with the England games showing it looks like you can do what you like...lol!

Sort of agree with you. Apparently you can dance, sing and hug in a football stadium, but not in a night club or concert hall.

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