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South Western League Re-election and failed Applications

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Being bored during lockdown I've been looking at the old SWL tables and seeing how many times teams had to reapply to the old SWL. 


The top 6 teams in terms of having to reapply at the league AGM was interesting. 


1st Bugle  16 times

2nd St Austell 9 times

3rd Holsworthy and Launceston 7 times each

4th Bodmin Town and Tavistock 6 times each


Which got me thinking. Did anyone try to apply to replace these teams and fail year on year?  I remember that Falmouth didn't get in after leaving the Western League as the league was full, and St Austell didn't get through one year but the rules weren't clear so they stayed- but did any other Cornish or Devon clubs try but never made it? 

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